These 7 Food Wrapping Papers Make the Wrong Focus, Some Draw Money!


For street food vendors, food wrappers can use any paper. Some sellers even use food wrappers which make the focus wrong.

There are still many food vendors in Indonesia who wrap food traditionally with paper. Starting from rice paper to some old newspapers that became the base for the outer wrapping.

It is not uncommon for sellers who use old newspapers or magazines or similar paper to provoke anyone who sees them to focus on wrong. As has happened, a copy of the document of former minister Susi Pudjiastuti was even used as a fried food wrapper.

Not only that, it turns out that there are a lot of strange food wrapping paper. Some that went viral on social media managed to make netizens laugh and at the same time misfocus.

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Here are 7 unusual food wrapping papers that make netizens focus wrong:

Not ordinary rice paper, this food wrapper has the National Police logo on it. Photo:

1. Rice paper with the National Police logo

Buying rice wraps to eat at lunch, a netizen got rice wraps with unusual prints. If it’s not covered with newspaper on the outside, some places to eat do it wrapped rice with plain white paper.

Even though it looks plain, it turns out that this rice paper has a hidden logo. It feels so official, on this rice wrapping paper it is equipped with the Indonesian National Police (Polri) logo.

2. ‘Patent Rice’

It is still not known what the meaning of the text is. Either because the seller wrote it wrong or the seller has his own name for the side dish that is added to it wrapped rice this one.

At the top there is a small piece of paper that says ‘Paten 5000’ which means patent rice for Rp. 5 thousand. Netizens get the wrong focus, what does the word ‘patent’ mean?

3. Wrap the rice with the image of money

Trying to attract the attention of its customers in a way that looks like the ‘Sultan’ style of a food stall with a unique rice wrapper. Wrapped with brown rice paper and a layer of newspaper on the outside there is a coating that makes netizens focus on this part of the rice wrap.

There is a paper with a picture of a 50 thousand rupiah denomination glued on it. Many netizens say that buying one packaged rice feels like getting a cashback of Rp. 50 thousand.

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