These 7 Bad Habits When Cooking Must Be Left


As it looks easy, in fact cooking requires special techniques that are often wrong. There is a habit-bad habits when cooking is done a lot and should be abandoned immediately.

For some people who do it often, cooking may sound quite easy. Meanwhile, others who are not used to it will think that cooking is a complicated and troublesome activity.

It turns out that cooking is not just about processing food ingredients with spices and then cooking them until they are cooked. To get the perfect dish, there are many things that need to be done, from ingredients to processing techniques.

Even though they have often cooked, it turns out that many people still make mistakes and mistakes that should not be made in the kitchen. If these mistakes are made, the results will actually make the cooking results not optimal.

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Here’s 7 bad habits when to stop cooking according to Buzzfeed (18/3):

If you expect the patty to cook faster and cook evenly, pressing the patty on the burger will actually make it dry and tough. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/shironosov

1. Pressing burger patty

When making burgers all the fillings that need to be heated will be cooked first. Whether it’s done at home or at a burger shop, it turns out that many people still have the bad habit of cooking a burger patty or stuffing.

Pressing the patty or burger meat will make the natural liquid (juice) from the meat come out and run out as it cooks. The result is that the burger meat that will be served later becomes hard, dry and does not taste optimal.

2. Too many onions

When cooking, many people prefer to use a lot of spices because they feel it will produce healthier food. In fact, using too much seasoning will only waste kitchen spices.

Especially when using garlic, adding too much of it will only spoil the taste of the food it should be. The garlic taste is strong enough to be very distracting and overpower the flavors of other spices.

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