These 5 Sundanese Warungs in Bandung Have Cikur Sambal to Delicious Goang Sambal


It’s not difficult to find a delicious Sundanese stall in Bandung. The following five places are among them, moreover they offer sambal cikur, chili paste, and chili goang as a combination. Come on over!

Talking about delicious Sundanese stalls is certainly not complete without discussing the recommendations in Bandung. In this flower city there are many stalls, restaurants, and Sundanese restaurants.

Generally, this restaurant has a buffet concept where visitors are free to choose their own side dishes. The side dishes include fried chicken, fried fish, various Pepes, salted fish, stir-fried vegetables, to jengkol and petai.

Another characteristic, the Sundanese stall presents a variety of fresh vegetables and chili sauce. Especially for sambal, each place offers a different concoction. Everyone has their own enjoyment.

Some serve cikur chili sauce, sudden chili sauce, shrimp paste sauce, and fried chili sauce. This combination of chili sauce makes the taste of Sundanese side dishes and warm rice that are eaten even better!

Here are 5 recommendations Sundanese stall in Bandung which has delicious side dishes and chili sauce:

1. Cikawao Restaurant

Cikawao Restaurant offers a variety of delicious Sundanese menus, including carp pesmol and fried oncom Delicious. Photo: Instagram elsafooddiary

Warung Sunda in the Lengkong area is said to have been around for more than 5 decades. The name is Cikawao Restaurant which has 3 delicious chili concoctions. The three are sambal sudden, chili oncom, and chili paste typical of Cikawao.

For its mainstay menu, Rumah Makan Cikawao has super soft black tripe, tasty empal gepuk, and fried free-range chicken. Don’t miss the pesmol carp, fried jengkol, and fried oncom which are all delicious combined with warm rice, chili sauce, and fresh vegetables.

Oh yes, the fresh vegetables package at Cikawao Restaurant is also complete, you know! It contains tespong, watercress, bokor lettuce, thymus, and basil/surawung leaves.

Cikawao Restaurant
Jl. Cikawao No.7, Paledang, Kec. Lengkong, Bandung City
Phone: (022) 4238947

2. Bancakan Rice

These 5 Sundanese Warungs in Bandung Have Cikur Sambal to Delicious Goang SambalNasi Bancakan, one of the popular Sundanese stalls in Bandung that offers dozens of side dishes. Photo: Instagram fateancakan.bdg

Calling Sundanese food delicious cannot leave the famous Nasi Bancakan in Bandung. The location is on Jalan Diponegoro Number 25. This restaurant is liked because it presents a homey old school atmosphere.

The dining system here is a buffet. Visitors are free to choose side dishes to be placed on a tin plate which makes them nostalgic! The choice of side dishes is very large, there are about 30 types.

You can satisfy your taste buds with liwet rice, fried carp, pindang cob, jambal roti salted fish, chicken pepes, tutut, genjer stir fry, to pesmol carp. Don’t forget to also order 3 types of sambal here, namely chili golodog, oncom, and ceurik.

Bancakan Rice
Jl. Diponegoro No. 25, Bandung
Phone: 0813 8393 6634⁠

3. Bu Eha’s stall

These 5 Sundanese Warungs in Bandung Have Cikur Sambal to Delicious Goang SambalThis legendary Sundanese warung in Bandung offers delicious pepes peda Photo: Instagram foodgallerybdg

Want to eat at Sundanese stall legendary Bandung? Stop by Warung Bu Eha which is inside Cihapit Market. This stall has been around since 1947 and is a customer of President Soekarno.

Mrs. Eha, who is 90 years old, often serves buyers at her buffet restaurant. There are many side dishes available here, but pepes peda is my favourite. Combined with grilled chicken, papaya leaf buntil, and warm rice, it definitely tastes delicious!

Warung Bu Eha also has gepuk, eggs with rendang seasoning, fried chicken, pepes intestine, to delicious oncom Pepes. All of these side dishes are delicious dipped into the spicy, fresh, and delicious sambal dadak. Oh yes, most visitors to Warung Bu Eha enjoy Sundanese side dishes with brown rice.

Bu Eha’s shop
Cihapit 8A Market, Cihapit, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Bandung City
Phone: (022) 4261453

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