These 5 Solo Sate Stalls in South Tangerang Have Juicy Tender Goat Satay


There are many stalls in South Tangerang satay Solo’s typical goat that can be a destination when looking for a lunch menu. This tender, thickly spiced satay is best enjoyed with warm fluffier rice.

Satay can be the right choice for the lunch menu. If you want to eat soft goat satay with pervasive spices, you can choose the typical Solo satay. This satay has the characteristic of being grilled with a spread of spices and served with a sprinkling of ground pepper.

The soy sauce that complements the satay contains sliced ​​shallots, cayenne pepper and tomatoes. There is also sliced ​​cabbage which is the hallmark of serving Solo satay. The legit sweet taste of sweet soy sauce dominates the Solo satay seasoning. The more it adds to the delicacy of the tender, juicy mutton.

You can enjoy delicious Solo satay at Pak Man’s solo satay stall or Pak Naryo’s Solo satay stall which is also famous for its delicious tongseng.

The following are recommendations for places to eat satay Solo in the South Tangerang area:

1. Sate Solo Pak Man

Pak Man’s solo satay stall, which is located on Jalan Pajajaran, Pamulang, South Tangerang, can be a destination if you want to eat delicious and authentic Solo satay. The goat satay here has the texture of juicy tender meat and doesn’t have a sour smell.

Thick and large pieces of meat make this Solo satay stall always crowded with visitors. Besides goat satay, here you can also enjoy goat tongseng and goat soup which are no less delicious. The portions of tongseng and mutton soup here are well-known so they can be eaten together.

Sate Solo Pak Man
Jl. Pajajaran No.31, Pamulang Bar., Kec. Pamulang,
South Tangerang City

2. Sate Solo Pak Dadi

Pak Dadi’s Solo satay stall has started to open at 08.00 WIB so you can come here if you want to eat goat satay before lunch time. Juicy tender goat satay with sweet and spicy soy sauce is ready to shake your tongue.

Don’t want to eat goat satay? There are other menus that are no less tempting, such as chicken satay and beef satay. Pak Dadi also provides a menu of goat tongseng, goat sugar, goat soup to goat fried rice. Almost all menus are made impromptu so that they are guaranteed to be fresh and steaming warm.

Sate Solo Pak Dadi
Jl. Raya Cirendeu No.38,
Cireundeu, District. East Ciputat,
South Tangerang City

Warung Sate Solo in South Tangerang Instagram Photo @kainaraculinary

3. Sate Solo Pak Jito

If you are in the Pondok Aren area, try to stop by the shop Satay Solo Mr. Jito. Here you can enjoy goat satay with thick and tender meat. Guaranteed goat meat doesn’t smell stale or tough.

Besides being famous for having delicious goat satay, Mr. Jito also has a menu of tongseng with a thick soup with mlekoh seasoning. There is also a menu of tengkleng goat that can be an option. In terms of taste, all the food menus here have a winning taste, even the rating on Google is fairly high at 4.5.

Sate Solo Pak Jito
Jl. Ceger Raya, East Manggu Gorge
Pd. Aren, South Tangerang City

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