These 5 Places to Eat That Go Viral Due to Food Vlogger’s Reviews


Now there are so many Food Vlogger on social media that recommends good culinary. Because of their reviews, there are 5 places to eat that went viral. Anything?

Food vlogger is a profession that many people are now engaged in. Their job is to recommend and review good places to eat.

Apart from YouTube, food vloggers are also active on Instagram and TikTok. Not infrequently the reviews they provide become a reference for netizens to see if the place to eat is worth a visit.

Food vloggers such as Nex Carlos, Farida Nurhan, and Boengkoes Network are already well-known on YouTube. Many netizens trust the food recommendations they provide.

Some of the places to eat that they visit will immediately steal the attention of foodies. Like 5 places to eat fried chicken to meatballs that went viral because of reviews from food vloggers.

Here are 5 places to eat that are viral because of reviews food vlogger.

1. Santa Maria’s Fried Chicken

Santa Maria Fried Chicken; Viral Fried Chicken in Cirebon with fierce sellers Photo: detikFood/Yenny Mustika Sari

YouTuber Nex Carlos often heads out of town to sample and review the flavors of his food choices. A few years ago, Nex Carlos visited Cirebon and got a recommendation from his subscribers if there was good fried chicken there.

His name is Santa Maria Fried Chicken. Nex Carlos immediately visited the fried chicken place because he was curious about the taste. When he was about to place an order, Nex Carlos got scolded by the seller. Because the character of the fried chicken seller is fierce.

The fierce seller turned out to be stealing attention and went viral on YouTube. In addition to the fierce seller, according to Nex Carlos, the taste of the fried chicken is also delicious.

detikFood has also tasted it and proves it tastes good. The fried chicken seller was really fierce, because we were also scolded when ordering.

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2. Lek Gino Dumplings

Fried Pizza and Dumplings Lek Gino SepiLek Gino Dumplings Photo: YouTube

The man who is often called Lek Gino has gone viral because of his fried dumpling concoction. It started going viral when the YouTuber Boengkoes Network visited the shop and tasted the fried dumplings there.

It turns out that Lek Gino used to work as a chef in a hotel. However, because the hotel went bankrupt, Lek Gino finally opened his own business in front of his house. The location is at Jalan Tertib No. 2, Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

This Lek Gino dumpling concoction consists of boiled dumplings made by yourself, then there are bean sprouts, mustard greens, cabbage, processed chicken minced with soy sauce, and a number of spices. When it went viral, many people were willing to queue to taste the delicacy. In fact, the phenomenal Lek Gino even received an invitation from President Jokowi to go to the palace.

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