These 5 Modern Cafes in Karawang Become a Fun Hangout Place



Behind the proliferation of factory buildings, in Kabupaten KarawangIn West Java, there are also contemporary cafes. It offers many interesting menus and is a favorite hangout place.

Who would have thought that in Karawang there are many contemporary cafes. Some of these cafes are also known as a favorite hangout place for young people.

Moreover, there is a cafe that has entertainment in the form of live music. Not just hanging out, stopping at these cafes can also while culinary. The menu offered is quite diverse. Hanging out here, you have to keep the health protocol, okay!

Here are 5 modern cafes in Karawang:

1. Coffee Officer

Perwira Kopi is one of the contemporary cafes in Karawang that offers live music entertainment. Photo: Instagram @perwirakopikarawang

Perwira Kopi is one of the favorite cafes for millennial children in Karawang. This cafe, which is located on Jalan HS.RonggoWaluyo, carries an outdoor concept.

If you come here, you can taste single origin coffee, one of which is Toraja Coffee for Rp. 15,000. The coffee is fragrant with a thick, slightly sour taste and tends to be brown and earthy.

If you want to eat full, the Nasi Ayam Penyet menu can also be the right choice. Interestingly, this cafe always holds exciting live music every night.

Coffee Officer
Jl. HS. Ronggo Waluyo No. 90
Puseurjaya, Telukjambe, Karawang
Phone: 0813-7040-0450
Opening hours: 15.00 – 00.00

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2. Lawang Cafe

Modern cafe in KarawangLawang Cafe, a modern cafe in Karawang that offers western menus. Photo: Instagram @lawangcaferesto

In the Karawang area, West Java, you will also find a contemporary cafe called Lawang Cafe. This cafe has a large visitor area and a varied menu.

At Lawang Cafe there are indoor and outdoor areas that can be occupied by visitors. For the coffee menu, there are lattes, cappuccinos to single origins such as Gayo and Bali Kintamani.

For the food menu, mostly western food. One of my favorites is pizza with various toppings. The price is around Rp. 40,000.

Lawang Cafe
Jalan Galuh MAS Raya
Sukaharja, Telukjambe, Karawang
Phone: (0267) 8406146
Opening hours: 10.00 – 00.00

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