These 5 Fried Chickens are Viral on TikTok, Raditya Dika’s favorite is there


Fried chicken is a ‘comfort food’ for many Indonesians. On TikTok, there are some recommendations for netizens’ favorite fried chicken. One of them is even Raditya Dika’s favorite since he was in high school.

Fried chicken is indeed a simple menu, only in the form of pieces of chicken covered with traditional spices, then deep-fried. There is a slightly wet and dry version. The presentation is also plain and added with cream.

Fried chicken feels even more delicious when juxtaposed with fresh vegetables and chili sauce. The companion can be white rice or uduk rice.

On TikTok, netizens are busy recommending delicious fried chicken. The locations are spread across South, East, and West Jakarta.

Where are you? Here are 5 recommendations for delicious fried chicken:

1. Blessing Fried Chicken

Ayam Goreng Berkah has been offering traditional fried chicken since 1963. Photo: detikfood

For a long time, Blessing Fried Chicken has been a favorite menu for fried chicken fans. Present since 1963, this fried chicken restaurant is always selling well, even in a day it can eat up to 700 chickens.

The fried chicken is Kalasan style which is savory and slightly sweet. Ayam Goreng Berkah also provides chili sauce and lime juice which is the perfect match for fried chicken. Here you can buy fried chicken in a whole choice. The price is Rp. 78 thousand, if 1/2 tail is around Rp. 40 thousand.

Blessing Fried Chicken
Jl. Wijaya IX No.4, Melawai, South Jakarta
Phone: 0812 8445 7444

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2. Bulungan Chicken

These 5 Delicious Fried Chickens Are Viral on TikTok, There's Raditya Dika's FavoriteRaditya Dika’s favorite Bulungan Chicken Menu Photo: Instagram eating_meh

This viral fried chicken place is a favorite of comedian Raditya Dika. His name is Ayam Bulungan which is located in Blok M. Present since 1973, the restaurant is always filled with loyal customers.

The Bulungan chicken menu refers to grilled chicken, while metropolitan chicken is fried chicken. The chicken is tender and the texture is super soft. The price is IDR 30 thousand per 1/4 head. In addition to chicken preparations, there are soto Kudus, egg tofu, and tripe fried chili sauce, and gudeg.

Bulungan Chicken
Bulungan Chicken Building, 2nd Floor Jl. Bulungan I No. 64, Blok M, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Telephone: 021 7222005, 021 7244962

3. Nasi Uduk and Fried Chicken Sticky Mat

These 5 Delicious Fried Chickens Are Viral on TikTok, There's Raditya Dika's FavoriteFried chicken Mat Sticky which is savory a little wet, delicious paired with uduk rice Photo: Instagram ad_nita

Not far from Klender Station, there is a place to eat delicious fried chicken which has recently gone viral on social media. Is Nasi Uduk dan Fried chicken Mat Lengket, who was recently invited by Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina to Andara to peddle their wares.

The fried chicken here is not too dry. The texture is juicy with a pervasive savory taste. The most delicious is eating fried chicken with uduk rice and jengkol stew. Other complements are gizzard liver, tofu stew, tempeh orek, and quail egg satay.

The price of a piece of fried chicken is Rp. 20 thousand. For rice uduk, Rp. 9 thousand and ati gizzard about Rp. 6 thousand. Don’t forget to also taste the delicious fried chicken chili here.

Nasi Uduk and Fried Chicken Sticky Mat
Jl. Bekasi Timur Raya No. KM. 17, RW.2, Jatinegara Kaum, Kec. Pulo Gadung, East City
Phone: 0877-8873-8923

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