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These 5 Extreme Pig Body Parts Can Be Processed Into Delicious Food


Not only the skin and flesh, it turns out that there are other parts of pig which can be processed into delicious food. Starting from blood to offal, everything can be eaten deliciously.

Almost all parts of the body of the pig can be consumed and processed into delicious food. So far, the most famous part is the meat and skin.

Especially in babi guling, usually people recognize the skin for the crunch test or the crispness test, which sounds so amazing. It turns out that for consumers, there are still many parts of pigs that can be processed into delicious dishes.

Although it sounds quite extreme but not a few pork consumers who like these parts. There is blood, nose to the innards or internal organs of the pig.

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Here are 5 parts of the pig’s body that are usually processed into extreme and delicious food:

Not just thrown away, pig’s blood can actually be turned into delicious food. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Yuttana Srimongkol

1. Pig blood

Being the most extreme part, it turns out that after being cut, pig blood can also be processed. There are so many dishes that use pork blood as the main ingredient.

One of them is Balinese lawar which uses fresh pork blood, even without being cooked. In many other countries of the world, pig’s blood is also considered a delicacy.

Some dishes also use pig’s blood which is coagulated then boiled and mixed as a topping on some foods. One dish that uses this type of pork blood, for example, pork meatballs that are widely sold in Indonesia.

2. Pig nose

Pork nose is one of the most popular dishes. Its shape, which is still in the form of an intact nose, often makes those who see it feel disgusted.

But for connoisseurs, the chewy and slightly tough pork nose is actually a delicious food to eat. It only needs to be boiled and smothered in various sauces of choice, many say pork nose is not so difficult to process.

Even some foreign YouTubers often do mukbang or eat a lot by eating pork noses. Using a spicy sauce and an amount that fills a wide container, they devour it voraciously.

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