These 4 Mistakes When Cooking Instant Noodles That Are Often Done


Instant noodles, one of the practical foods that many people like. Although it is easy to make, many people still often make mistakes when cooking instant noodles.

The delicacy of instant noodles is undeniable. Instant noodles have always been a mainstay to eat because they are cheap and practical to make. The process of cooking instant noodles is not complicated, it can be boiled with boiling water or brewed with hot water for cup packaging.

Instant noodles can be enjoyed immediately because they are equipped with spices, but if you want something more special, you can add additional spices to interesting toppings.

Although the process of making it is very easy, there are still people who make mistakes when cooking instant noodles. As reported by Mashed (28/3), about 4 mistakes in cooking instant noodles often occur. Starting from choosing the wrong type of instant noodles to serving it.

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Here are 4 mistakes when cooking instant noodles.

1. Wrong Purchase of Instant Noodles

Instant Noodle Heaven at KKV Central Park, West Photo: detikFood / Yenny Mustika Sari

Before cooking it, buy instant noodles First of all, it’s normal if you don’t have stock at home. There are various types of instant noodles on the market, some are served dry and in soup.

In choosing instant noodles, there are also several things to consider. Don’t just buy it because the price of instant noodles is cheap, but also consider the taste and quality.

Choose the instant noodle variant that you like, to make it more delicious when eating it. The quality of the good noodles can also be considered. Because the most delicious instant noodles are chewy texture and not easily mushy.

2. No Adding Additional Seasoning

Many people cook instant noodles with spices that are already available in the package. This method is considered normal and should no longer be done. Many people are recommended to add additional spices to make instant noodle concoction more delicious.

Citing Mashed, some examples of spices that can be added are miso paste, fish sauce, peanut butter, lemon juice, sesame oil, and vinegar. This additional seasoning will enrich the taste of your instant noodles.

Recently, many ramen creations have appeared with additional spices that were previously rarely added. A case of instant fried noodles with the addition of roasted sesame variant salad dressing, some add chopped garlic, to milk.

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