There’s Nasi Liwet to Delicious Fried Kampung Chicken at These 5 Bogor Restaurants


Sundanese food it is most delicious when eaten with family. Starting from liwet rice, fried chicken, to sambal dadak, you can find it in this restaurant.

Many families agree that Sundanese food is a favorite dish when eating together. No wonder there are many Sundanese restaurants mushrooming in various regions.

One of them is the Bogor area, West Java, which is a favorite for families to enjoy Sundanese specialties. Sundanese restaurant in Bogor is always crowded when the weekend arrives.

There are 5 typical Sundanese restaurants that you can visit while on vacation in Bogor. Starting from Cipo Fried Chicken to Ibu Ubed’s Sundanese Restaurant.

1. Ibu Ubed’s Sundanese Restaurant

Very Raos! Mother Ubed’s Grilled Chicken and Sambal Dadak Make Celebrities Addicted Photo: detikFood

Just looking at the name, it is certain that RM Mrs. Ubed offers a variety of menus Sundanese cuisine. This simple restaurant is located near the Darmaga Bogor IPB campus.

About 28 years this restaurant exists. Although simple, the taste of the food here is famous for its champions. The mainstay menu is the whole Kampung Bakar Ayam which can be enjoyed at a price of Rp. 80,000.

RM Ibu Ubed also serves it with fresh vegetables and sambal dadak which tastes fresh and spicy. Enjoying it in the afternoon with family will feel very delicious.

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2. Cipo Fried Chicken

Cipo ChickenCipo Chicken Photo: doc. detikFood

One of the typical Sundanese food menus that must be ordered is fried chicken with delicious vegetables and chili sauce. In Bogor there is a place to eat delicious fried chicken, called Cipo Fried Chicken.

Cipo Fried Chicken has two branches located at Batu Tulis and Jalan Ahmad Yani. This restaurant opens around 3 pm and is always busy on weekends.

The fried chicken here tastes delicious with an abundance of serundeng. You can enjoy the vegetables and chili sauce here to your heart’s content. To enjoy it, fried chicken is offered with prices starting from IDR 17,000.

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