There’s a Glass Restaurant Hanging 274 Meters Above the Gorge!

Tsalka, Georgia

A diamond-shaped restaurant hangs 274 meters above Tsalka Canyon, Georgia! If you are afraid of heights, don’t try to come here.

CNN Travel reported, Friday (6/24/2022) this restaurant hangs in the middle of a 240 meter long glass bridge. Built by investment group Kass Group with operations in Israel and Georgia, the restaurant’s transparent structure rises high and offers views from waterfalls to caves.

This infrastructure made of reading and glass took 3 years to build. Its highest point, the glass restaurant hanging in the middle is said to be the largest and tallest suspended structure in the world.

Glass restaurant in the middle of the canyon Photo: (Kass Group)

Citing Travel+Leisure, this destination has even reported it to the Guinness World Records, in hopes of being certified as a restaurant at the highest point of the bridge.

“This unique place is a vivid example of the confluence of protecting our heritage and developing modern world-class infrastructure,” said Georgian Prime Minister Iraqili Garibashvili who attended the restaurant’s opening.

Not only as a restaurant, the bridge also has a zip line ride for tourists who want to ride hanging bicycles and rock swings. In addition, according to Kass Group, there will be a laser light show that can be seen from the visitor center as well as the restaurant.

There is also a trail about a mile from the visitor center through the valley to the falls which usually takes about an hour to hike.

There is no accommodation for tourists, but there is the village of Dashbash in Tsalka which is only about a 10-minute drive away. Even so, Kass Group plans to build an exclusive resort including 100 premium units that have various facilities such as swimming pools and camping areas.

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