There is a monastery on a rock, it can heal a small child who is fussy


Singkawang known as the city of 1,000 monasteries. One of which is Sak Ku Thai Bong Temple. Little children who are sick or fussy can be cured here.

Singkawang has many temples with their respective stories and advantages. One of them is the Sak Ku Thai Bong Vihara which is also known as the monastery on the rock. This monastery is located on the edge of Jalan Sijangkung, South Singkawang.

As the name implies, Sak Ku Thai Bong monastery is indeed standing on a rocky hill. In the process before occupying the current point, this monastery has changed locations three times.

“This is called the Sak Ku Thai Bong Temple, it has existed since the Dutch era. It has been moved 3 times. The first is across the road, near a ditch,” said Cung Jan Thu, head of Sak Ku Thai Bong Temple to detikTravelMonday (31/1/2022).

Pak Athu, as he is familiarly called, explained that the Sak Ku Thai Bong monastery was the home of Dewa Raja Batu. This god is believed to be the protector and savior of children.

Vihara Sak Ku Thai Bong Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Small children who are often sick or fussy if they have been treated everywhere but still not reduced, if taken to the monastery and pray there will immediately recover.

“From parents’ stories, Dewa Raja Batu is the most trusted person for children. Newborn babies often cry, are brought here, they don’t cry anymore. Or if they are sick, they are taken to a doctor, whether they are hospitalized or not recovered. come here healthy again,” explained Mr. Athu.

Sak Ku Thai Bong TempleAltar to worship the God of the King of Batu Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Many people have proven that way. But with a note, the child is already compatible with the God of the King of Stone, aka a match. Later the child will be adopted as the son, grandson or even great-grandson of the God King of the Rock.

In addition to asking for the healing of children, Dewa Raja Batu can also be asked for help for those who want to smoothly pass work, do business or earn a living abroad.

“Usually they ask to pass work abroad, so that it is smooth, given it smoothly. Sometimes it is difficult for foreign governments. This is to be given well, easy,” explained Pak Athu.

No wonder the followers of the God of the King of Stone are scattered in various countries in the world. From Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the United States to Australia, everything is there.

When this monastery caught fire due to a short circuit 3 years ago, the adopted children of King Batu all worked hand in hand to donate to rebuild this monastery. The result in a short time, the monastery is ready again, exactly the same as before the fire.

Adopted children, adopted grandchildren, and even adopted great-grandchildren of Dewa Raja Batu also take the time to go home and worship at this monastery when there are moments of big holidays such as Chinese New Year. So don’t be surprised if you see this temple full of visitors.

“This is on Chinese New Year night, at 12 o’clock at night it is full. Everyone comes here. All of the adopted children return here. Especially if it’s King Batu’s birthday. It’s full here,” concluded Pak Athu.

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