There are no residents, these are the 20 Abandoned Cities in the World (Part 2)


There are many abandoned cities in various parts of the world. It used to have a lot of inhabitants but now it has turned into a ghost town.

Here’s a list of the next ‘ghost towns’ that are interesting to visit in part two, as quoted from CNN:

11. Tyneham, United Kingdom

The residents of Tyneham in rural Dorset were ordered to leave the village by the British War Office in November 1943. They thought they would return after World War II ended, but they didn’t.

Tyneham now serves as part of the military firing range. This place is open to the public on weekends and certain holidays.

Little wildlife took over Tyneham. The animals make use of the remnants of nearby agricultural fields or where human populations are located.

Abandoned City Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

12. Ruby, Arizona

The city was abandoned in 1441, a year after its once productive mines closed. Ruby is the best-preserved ghost town in the US.

Located close to the Mexican border, the city thrived in the 1930s. Its population of 1,200 mostly works as gold, silver, tin and zinc miners.

Now, Ruby is privately owned. Tourists who come will pay around USD 15 to explore the abandoned buildings for miles of mountain trails in this city.

13. Aritunga, Australia

Aritunga is said to be the first official city in the Australian outback. This city has a long indigenous history dating back 20 thousand years.

The city was built in 1887 by European settlers in search of gold. There is a population of around 300 people at one stage.

While it’s possible to visit Aritunga, the best time to go is between April and September when the weather is cooler. It is located east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Abandoned cityAbandoned City Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

14. Varosha, Cyprus

This once popular tourist destination in the city of Famagusta, Cyprus was abandoned in 1974 during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Varosha has been left empty ever since.

The apartment block was left to crumble. The damaged road is fenced off.

However, there is a way to open Varosha again. Turkish nationals and residents of Turkey and residents of Cyprus are allowed to visit when the beaches reopen in 2021.

Abandoned cityAbandoned City Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

15. Vorkuta, Russia

Abandoned towns and villages surround Vorkuta. This place is in the north of the Russian Arctic, where coal mining developed so rapidly in the past.

In the 1930s and 1960s, coal was mined here by prisoners in the area’s notorious and notorious Gulag. Then, in the following years, miners were attracted to come here to work with high salaries.

When mining stopped after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the locals left. They left a series of villages covered in ice.

Abandoned cityAbandoned City Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)