The Story of the Unique and Highest Heaven Hell Temple in Singkawang


Singkawang is known as the city of a thousand monasteries. One that is unique is the Heaven Hell Temple. That said, this is the highest monastery in the city of Singkawang. Curious?

Located at the foot of Mount Pasi in Sempalit, South Singkawang, stands a monastery whose name makes people curious, the Vihara Heaven Hell, as people know it.

Actually the real name of this monastery is the Vihara Dharma Sacred Noble. So why is this monastery called the Heaven and Hell Temple?

It turns out that this monastery is called Heaven Hell, because in it there is a description of the life after death according to the Taoist version of the teachings. There is a heaven for rewarding humans and a picture of hell for sinners.

The calculation of charity and sin is also illustrated through a trial. In addition, this monastery is called Heaven Hell because in it there are statues of gods who are in heaven and in hell.

Vihara Heaven Hell Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Even more uniquely, before entering the Heaven and Hell Temple, travelers are asked to take off their footwear such as shoes and sandals. Then, provided a pool filled with clear water to wash and clean the feet.

Only then can the traveler climb the stairs to get to the main building of the monastery. Likewise when going home, the traveler goes down the stairs, washes his feet, then puts back on the footwear that he had removed.

Heaven Hell TempleVihara Heaven Hell Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Altogether, there are a total of eight prayer places in this monastery. Each place of worship is distinguished from the god worshiped, there are the God of the Five Directions, Goddess Kuan Im, the Heavenly King, and several other gods.

To get to the Heaven Hell Monastery, a traveler must travel quite difficult. The terrain is uphill and not smooth. Make sure the four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicle used is in top condition, because it is reported that accidents often occur on the road leading to this monastery.

From downtown Singkawang, it takes about 30 minutes to get to the Heaven and Hell Temple. In addition to praying, people come here because they want to enjoy the natural beauty and views of Singkawang from above.

“This is the Heaven Hell Temple, under the image of Hell, above Heaven. Ordinary people can come here. Some pray, some don’t. You can also travel here. Before the corona was busy, now it’s quiet,” said A Thong, the temple administrator.

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