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The Story of the Ojol Driver’s Struggle when Delivering Food Makes Haru


Driver story taxibike Online always attracts people’s attention. Moreover, his struggles when ordering and delivering food to customers, his success story touched me.

The presence of online motorcycle taxis (ojol) greatly facilitates community activities. Not only as a mode of transportation, ojol can also be used as a courier for delivering goods or ordering food.

Ordering food through ojol is also very easy, just search for the name of the restaurant, order the menu and specify the payment method. Then, food orders will be delivered to the front of the house.

When delivering food orders for customers, ojol drivers often bring moving stories. The touching story is inseparable from his struggle to take responsibility.

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The story of a food ojol driver who still wants to fulfill his responsibilities despite having an accident Photo: TikTok

Usually, the story of the ojol driver goes viral after being shared by the customer himself through social media, one of which is TikTok. As recently reported by the viral TikTok account @monica_lw.

In her TikTok video (20/02), the woman in Surabaya recounts what happened to an ojol driver when ordering food. The ojol driver had an accident and spilled his food order.

At first he was annoyed because he waited too long, but because the responsibility of the driver who wanted to be responsible even though he had an accident made his heart melt.

Not only that, there are also many motorcycle taxi drivers who try to work their best even though their conditions are not perfect. As told by the TikTok account @Asheeqayumnamaulidya.

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The Story of Haru and the Hilarious Ojol Driver when Delivering Food OrdersHaru and Hilarious Story of Ojol Driver when Delivering Food Order Illustration Photo: iStock

In his TikTok video, he talks about a driver ojol those with disabilities. The ojol driver from Samarinda only has one leg to walk.

Therefore, during his work he was assisted with a stick. Even though his condition is not perfect, the ojol driver seems tireless and wants to complete his responsibilities well.

It was all done in order to meet the needs of his life with his family. Not only that, the story of having to be ojol drivers also exists when they are also looking for additional income by selling food.

The emotional story of food ojol driversThe emotional story of a food ojol driver looking for additional income by selling food Photo: TikTok

So, they always bring merchandise during the order. Then, on his motorbike was given an inscription to promote his food merchandise.

Struggle story drivers The ojol then made netizens touched. Not even a few who give gifts as awards. However, the kindness of this customer should not be abused.

In this detikFood review, we will share stories about the struggles of sincere ojol drivers when delivering food orders to customers. Therefore, keep reading detikFood reviews, yes!.

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