The Story of Sukabumi Residents Become Collectors of Thousands of Antiques, What’s the Reason?


Old school items don’t always turn into junk when they are no longer used. At least that’s what a collector from Sukabumi feels. Here’s the story:

In the eyes of Yudi Julianto (53) these items have historical value which is a silent witness in his time. Starting from batik jarik cloth, old school baskets, radios to documents, Yudi’s collection is material.

Since 1996, he began to pursue antiques and became a full-fledged collector. To detikTravel, Yudi said, collecting antiques departed from his childhood memories.

Since childhood, he was very happy to pass the heritage building. Unexpectedly, his hobby has gradually become his hobby and passion until now. The collection of antiques was also motivated by his fellow collectors.

“Because I’m really passionate about it, since I was a kid, I have a hobby of looking at things and seeing historical buildings. It just so happens that it’s a difficult hobby,” said Yudi when he was met some time ago.

Antique Collector from Sukabumi Photo: Siti Fatimah/detikTravel

His collection of antiques already has around thousands of types. About 14 years ago, he began to focus on collecting antiques that have a relationship with the City of Sukabumi.

Some of the collections are displayed at the Wisma Wardani Building as a form of participation in the Soekaboemi Exhibition of the past and Beauty of Sukabumi Tourism Masata which is open to the public until today, Sunday (27/2/2022).

“I was inspired by my friend in Jakarta, he collects Sukabumi items, a private collection of Goalpara tea filters. I thought, how come Goalpara is in Sukabumi, I’m a Sukabumi when I can’t afford to eat (don’t have one), from there I was motivated to save Sukabumi goods,” he said.

Sukabumi Antique CollectorSukabumi Antique Collector Photo: Siti Fatimah/detikTravel

“What is clear is that one of my collections, I collect items in the form of artifacts that have a history related to the City of Sukabumi. Now it turns out that there are Sukabumi values, I am grateful to be able to educate about history,” he continued.

Several collections that have historical value in the City of Sukabumi, such as receipts from the Gementee Zieken Huis hospital (now Syamsudin Hospital), Goalpara tea filters, milk containers from the Victoria hotel (currently Djuang 45 Building), old plantation stocks and several portraits of cinema, street and the activities of ancient people.

“That’s the silent witness, I happened to save when someone related to Sukabumi City. We have a history that in Sukabumi City we have this, you can also educate the younger generation,” he explained.

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