The Situbondo Pantura Line has 5 Rest Areas with Beautiful Panoramas


Homecomers who cross the north coast route (north coast) of the Situbondo area, it is not wrong if they take the time to stop by these 5 rest areas. Here, riders can not only rest. However, you can also travel and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The northern coast of Situbondo is one of the longest routes. Its length is about 110 kilometers, from west to east or vice versa.

This route stretches from the Banyuglugur District which borders Probolinggo Regency, to the Baluran forest area which borders Banyuwangi Regency.

Along this route, there are at least 5 rest areas that can be used as stopovers to rest for a while. This rest area offers interesting tourist spots. Riders just choose according to their wishes.

These 5 rest areas are located on the north coast line. So, the driver does not need to bother to access it. Just pull the vehicle over to the parking space provided.

Here are 5 rest areas that offer great tourist spots in Situbondo:

1. Utama Raya Beach Banyuglugur

This Raya Main Rest Area is fairly complete. Here, there are a number of facilities that are served, ranging from gas stations, clean and quite a lot of toilets, prayer rooms, cafes, mini markets, restaurants, to souvenir shops.

There are also cottages here that travelers can use to rest. In addition, there is a beach that offers a stretch of scenery that spoils the eyes.

Rest area in Situbondo Photo: Chuk S Widharsa/detikJatim

2. Bletok Beach Mlandingan

Rest area in SitubondoBletok Beach in Situbondo Photo: Chuk S Widharsa/detikJatim

Bletok Beach is located in Bletok Village, Bungatan District, Situbondo. Homecomers from Surabaya can stop at the Bletok Beach rest area for a moment to relieve fatigue.

Rest Area Bletok offers public facilities for car and motorbike parking, cafes, gazebos, and selfie spots. Here, visitors can enjoy the beach with the background of Mount Ringgit and fresh air. Don’t forget to also enjoy the culinary seafood or grilled fish typical of Situbondo and fresh young coconut ice.

3. Bungatan White Sand Beach

One of the rest areas on the Situbondo Pantura route that is a shame to miss is the White Sand Beach. In addition to stopping for a moment, this place is also interesting to be a tourist destination

This beach is sloping and has a wide sand spot. The waves are calm, making it suitable for children to swim. This attraction can also be used for water game attractions. For example, swimming with tires, and playing canoeing. For those who like diving or just snorkeling, you can do it here.

White Sand Beach SitubondoWhite Sand Beach Situbondo Photo: Chuk S Widharsa/detikJatim

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