The Scary Story of Dracula Castle in Romania


Dracula is not just a fairy tale. In Romania there is a castle called Dracula Castle and there is a scary story in it. Curious?

The name of this castle is Bran Castle, but it is better known as Dracula Castle among tourists. Dracula’s origins come from the 18th century novel by Bram Stoker, which tells of a blood-sucking vampire who can turn into a bat and lives in a spooky dark castle.

There is a story about Vlad Dracula who became the inspiration for the popular Dracula character in the community. Vlad Dracula was a ruler of Wallachia (before changing to Romania) and was in the Hungarian region.

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He ruled from 1448 to 1462. Vlad Dracula was famous as a businessman whose cruelty was beyond comprehension. He punished prisoners of war and nobles in a sadistic way, namely by impaling!

The victim’s body will be stabbed with a sharpened wooden stick, then stabbed from the buttocks to penetrate into the mouth or head. Indiscriminately, Vlad imposed this punishment on men, women and even babies. Anyway, anyone who doesn’t want to submit to him is prepared to die this way.

Even worse, he did his actions in the castle grounds and in the open fields for people to see. In addition he also beheaded prisoners and given to his enemies. Critical!

At the end of his life, Vlad Dracula was assassinated on Lake Snagov by the troops of the Ottoman Empire. Since then, there was no longer a ruthless ruler like him.

But despite the sadistic controversy, Bran Castle, the former residence of Vlan Dracula, is well known as a haunted place. It is based on the number of prisoners of war who died there.

Why is Bran Castle known as Dracula’s Castle? Starting from the desire of President Nicolae Ceaucescu, the communist president who wanted to establish cooperation with western countries. Then he built the prestige of Brin Castle based on the popular story Dracula to attract tourists.

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When viewed from the architecture and its location in the middle of the forest and on the edge of the cliff, it is very supportive to strengthen this castle is the house of this blood-sucking figure.

Bran Castle can be reached from the city of Bucharest, the capital of Romania by taking the train for 3 hours to Brasov. Because of its prestige as Dracula’s Castle, you will see many souvenir shops selling knick-knacks related to Dracula, vampires or smells of horror.

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