The PDP Law is an Important Part of Digital Transformation in Indonesia

PRESENCE The Personal Data Protection Act (UU PDP) emphasizes every electronic system operator (PSE) to be able to operate their system reliably and safely (Article 15 of the ITE Law) in order to avoid any violations in the management of personal data.

Spokesperson for the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency Ariandi Putra said Law No. 27 of 2022 concerning Protection of Personal Data (PDP) was officially ratified on October 17 2022. The PDP Law regulates various provisions ranging from types of personal data, processing to sanctions. listed in the PDP Act.

With the stipulation of the PDP Law, BSSN is ready to support and carry out the contents of its arrangements in accordance with the mandate, duties and functions, as well as the authority of BSSN.

One of the articles in the PDP Law, namely Article 16 paragraph 2e, states “personal data processing is carried out by protecting the security of personal data from unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized modification, misuse, destruction and/or loss of personal data.” The article mandates that in processing personal data it is obligatory to apply the principles of data security.

“The PDP Law is an important component in Indonesia’s digital transformation to ensure the security of personal data protection governance,” said Ariandi in the Horangi Executive Roundtable with the theme “Building A Secure Digital Society”.

The PDP Law is directly related to the ITE Law, especially in terms of personal data security which must be protected from unauthorized matters and processing of personal data which must ensure the reliability and security of electronic systems.

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According to article 15 of the ITE Law and article 3 of PP 71 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions (PSTE) it states that “Every Electronic System Operator must operate an Electronic System reliably and safely and be responsible for the proper operation of the Electronic System”.

Ariandi said that in an effort to protect the continuity of electronic systems in a safe, reliable and trusted manner as well as to increase readiness in dealing with various cyber incidents, collaboration and cooperation from all parties is needed, starting from state administrators, business actors, academics and the community.

“The key word for every electronic system operator is collaboration in order to create a reliable, safe and responsible electronic system,” said Ariandi.

Also present at the event were Head of Payment Information Security Goto Financial Indonesia Genesha Nara Saputra, Country Manager of Horangi Cyber ​​Security Indonesia Darryl Chuan, Head of Cyber ​​Operations Horangi Cyber ​​Security Indonesia Natasha Amadea, Sales Engineer for Horangi Cyber ​​Security Indonesia Baskoro Utomo. (RO/OL-7)

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