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The Myth of the Matching Well in Bone, Can Make Singles Easy to Get a Girlfriend


There is a Matching Well in Bone Regency, South Sulawesi. Local people believe, this well water can cure disease and bring a mate.

The location of the Matching Well is precisely in Cempalagi Hamlet, Mallari Village, which is a hilly area on the coast of Bone Bay. The distance is about 14 kilometers from the north of Watampone City.

The Matching Well itself is in Hua Cave or the Old Cave, with a length of about 60 meters. In this cave there are also the claw marks of Arung Palakka.

“This cave (Hua Cave) has a well that people used to call a mate well. The water is so clear and clean. People used to say that many diseases can be cured,” said Cempalagi Tourism Manager, Supriadi to detikSulsel, Tuesday (1/3/2022) then .

The location of this matchmaking well is fairly easy to find. Because its position is next to Musala Kis Firdaus. The place is cool, and could be a solution for singles who hope to find a mate soon.

The Matching Well in Cempalangi, Bone Regency, South Sulawesi. Photo: (Mono/detikSulsel)

To enter the Sumur Match area, it requires guts and caution. Because the road that is passed is rocky downhill and has a slope, even exceeding like stairs.

“Until now there are still people who often visit the well, because apart from being able to cure diseases, it can also make it easier to get a mate,” Supriadi explained.

Supriadi said that usually visitors take and bring water from the Match Well to be used for bathing. However, some visitors also usually just wash their faces in the well.

“Actually, it depends on the person’s intentions. And when they have found their soul mate, they will definitely come back here,” he continued.

The naming of the Matching Well is already legendary. Local residents believe that the well has magical value, because the well, which is about 15 meters deep in the cave, never runs dry.

This well was once a meeting place for residents who wanted to take water or bathe. There they got to know each other and joked, until finally they ended up on the aisle.

“Currently, visitors are crowded on holidays, they usually camp in front of the cave, and are often used as a place for diksar (basic education) by students,” continued Supriadi.

One of the residents of Cempalagi, Zainal said, The Matching Well is a natural well. However, local residents do not know exactly when the community used the well in the cave.

The matchmaking well is often used by the community when the dry season arrives. This is because the residents’ wells in the settlements have dried up, except for the Matching Well which is in the cave.

“So people often come in droves to use the water for their daily needs,” he said.

“The local community does believe in the myth that they will meet their soul mate after going to the well. Some people even admit that they met their soul mate after bathing in the Cempalagi Match Well,” said Zainal.

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