The MotoGP 22 Video Game Brings Nostalgia to the 2009 Season

The video game MotoGP 22 offers fans the chance to feel nostalgic for the 2009 season through the NINE Season 2009 game mode.

Developed by Milestone and Dorna Sports, this latest edition of the MotoGP video game invites fans of MotoGP games and racing to experience one of the most thrilling seasons in the history of the world’s most prestigious motorcycle racing championship.

The NINE Season 2009 mode features a documentary narrated by Mark Neale, director of a number of MotoGP documentaries, including a 50 minute original video from the 2009 season combined with gameplay and storytelling that creates an immersive simulation experience for gamers.

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Players can play with legends like Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa, Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo to take on a number of challenges that replicate historic moments throughout the 2009 season.

“NINE Season 2009 is an exciting innovation, adding racing scope to the game and giving fans the opportunity to embody and race against some of the sport’s greatest legends, creating their own version of our sport’s rich history,” said Senior Director of Global Commercial Partnerships Dorna. Sports Marc Saurina in an official statement, quoted Thursday (5/5).

MotoGP 22 also adds Tutorial and MotoGP Academy features, which can help new and old players learn and master two-wheeled skills from basic knowledge to professional level.

In the Tutorial, players can learn about electronics, tire consumption, and tire temperature from the three classes being competed.

While the MotoGP Academy teaches how players improve their racing style to tricks to bulldoze corners.

There is also a Managerial Career mode, where players perform management simulations in various classes, decide to create a new team in Moto2 or Moto3, or join an existing team, to choose sponsors and recruit team managers, drivers, and so on.

In addition, MotoGP 22 is claimed to have an unprecedented level of realism, further blurring the boundaries between game and reality with new facial animations and improved 3D and pit characteristics.

And for the first time in this video game series, MotoGP features a 2-player local split-screen feature, allowing you to have fun playing with family and friends in one place by sharing a television screen.

Online multiplayer features remain in addition to cross-play between consoles.

MotoGP 22 is available for PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XIS, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

For the record, split-screen and online multiplayer modes are not available for Nintendo Switch. (Ant/OL-1)

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