The Importance of Digital Skills for All Levels of Society

Based on 2018 BPS data, the Indonesian people’s expertise sub-index has the lowest score of the three sub-indices in the Information and Technology Development Index (IP-TIK).

“This phenomenon is considered important, why should digital be accelerated at the lowest level of society,” said Literacy Activist and General Chairperson of PMI Jember, M. Faqih in Kediri, East Java on Tuesday (19/7).

He further said that people need digital skills because they are considered important for today’s era. As a pillar of literacy in the information index and data literacy, it is deemed necessary for the Indonesian people to have the ability to access, search, filter, and utilize any data and information received and distributed from and to their various digital platforms.

Individuals who are proficient in digital media are considered capable of knowing, understanding, and using devices in the digital landscape, search engines to find information, conversation applications and social media as well as digital wallet applications, marketplaces, and digital financial transactions.

Users need to know the differences and types of conversational and social media applications. Basic app settings, emoji symbols, and can fight fake news spread through chat apps and social media. Users can also be creative by producing and distributing positive content. (OL-12)

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