The Horror of the Surabaya Kalifigur Prison and Its Mystical Story


Kalifigur Prison Surabaya was built during the VOC era or around the 1800s. For decades, the prison is no longer in use. Here’s the horror:

The Kalifigur Prison, which was known to be dashing and luxurious at that time, now leaves an old building that is not well maintained. The classic impression is still there, but the haunted impression also surrounds the building.

There is a mystical story that develops in the community about the haunted impression in the former Kalifigur Prison building. One of them is told by Supri (69). He is a pedicab driver who hangs out in front of the Kalifigur Prison every day.

Supri has a mystical story based on his own experience in 2001. He claimed to have seen a Dutch woman dressed as a doctor or nurse, enter the former Kalifigur Prison.

The former Kalifigur Prison building is located north of Jalan Rajawali and Kembang Jepun, Surabaya. This building has been designated as a cultural heritage by the Surabaya City Government.

The view of the Kalifigur prison Photo: Esti Widiyana

But when he peeked through the door, no one was found in the building. The incident gave him goosebumps.

“Look at the models of doctors and nurses, from outside when it was drizzling it was raining. Entering the door, I saw from the hole, it wasn’t there,” said Supri to detikJatim, Thursday (6/10/2022).

Supri added that the current condition is much better than two decades ago. Moreover, since two years ago there was an expedition service business around there.

Residents around the former Kalifigur Prison building, Rini, also claimed to have experienced mystical things. He claimed to have heard a female voice.

“I’ve heard a woman’s voice crying before, but I’ve never seen it (its form). If people here are normal, they’ve never seen it, maybe people here. People who just know or have just passed by usually think it’s spooky and haunted,” he explained. .

A history student who can communicate with the supernatural (Indigo), Dela, tries to see photos of the inside of the former Kalifigur Prison building.

From the photo, he admitted that he saw many events that had occurred in the Kalifigur Prison. One of them is about prisoners who are desperate to commit suicide.

“Many were tortured. People disobeyed the officers. Many were killed, oppressed. Torture room,” said Dela.

“There were people who committed suicide because they were beaten by someone in a cell. Being excommunicated, they committed suicide. Because they were expelled from their own family, they were not considered. Inside the cell, there were those who were tortured by fellow prisoners. That’s all, I don’t know if it’s another cell,” he concluded.


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