The excitement of a number of regional heads when rafting in Sergai, North Sumatra

Serdang Bedagai

Serdang Bedagai Regency (Sergai), North Sumatra (North Sumatra), apparently has a destination that can stimulate adrenaline. One of them is in Spispis District which has tourist attractions for rafting lovers.

To introduce this tour, the Regent of Sergai Darma Wijaya also invited a number of regional heads to try out the flow of the Bahbolon River, Saturday (5/2/2022). Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution, who took part in the game, conveyed the many challenges he had to go through during rafting.

“This is a new experience for me, and during the rafting, there were many challenges to be overcome. It was good, fit, steady,” said Bobby.

Bobby said that rafting in Spispis can be an option for residents who want to take a vacation. He said the wetter when rafting, the more exciting.

“My message for those who are afraid, don’t be afraid. It’s not as scary as you think, the wetter the more exciting it is,” he said.

The excitement of a number of regional heads when rafting in Sergai, North Sumatra Photo: (Special)

North Labuhanbatu Regent Hendriyanto Sitorus admitted that he was afraid when he joined the rafting. However, after finishing, Hendriyanto admitted that he was addicted.

“We really enjoy this tour in Sergai. This is my first time rafting. I was scared, but it turns out I’m addicted,” said Hendriyanto.

In addition to Bobby and Hendriyanto, the Regent of Coal Zahir, Mayor of Pematangsiantar Hefriansyah Noor also tested the rafting area in Spispis. They also expressed their feelings of joy after playing in the water.

In addition to rafting, in Spispis there is also land suitable for offroad lovers. This tourist location also keeps the legend of Batu Boru Manjile around the Bahbolon River.

The Regent of Sergai Darma Wijaya said that nature tourism in Spispis is one of the best. He hopes that the presence of a number of regional heads will help promote this tourist spot.

“We hope that the presence of regents and mayors will help promote this tour. Because everything is still natural. Both the offroad track and the rafting,” explained Darma.

For visitors who want to play rafting, fees start from IDR 190 thousand to IDR 300 thousand for each person. Rafting travel time at this location also varies from 4 hours to 6 hours.

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