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The Best Solution To Access Your Website Safer and Faster

USE VPS or Virtual Private Server is now unavoidable. VPS is very useful for maintaining data privacy and minimizing disruption due to limited server resources, but the price is more affordable compared to Dedicated servers.

Due to clear access restrictions, all data, access history, and other information related to website You will not be seen and abused by other users.

By understanding the main purpose of using a VPS, it will be easier for us to determine which VPS is appropriate and can be purchased. Because every company that provides VPS services must have a focus on using their respective VPS. If our company is engaged in business or e-commercedata backup is something that must exist because your customer data is very important.

As we all know, VPS is a type of website hosting that does not share resources and access with other users. The purpose of its use is to web server users are more secure (maintain privacy) and can use the allocated resources to the fullest without being affected by other users.

VPS is increasingly being used as an internet web server because it can be used to store very large files, limit access to personal only, website hosting, backups, share remote desktopobserving traffic from websiteor to link the website with all services Internet of Things (IoT).

But choose a VPS that is suitable for the purpose, good, cheap, and reliable is not that easy. Some tips for choosing a VPS are needed, such as understanding in advance the purpose of choosing a VPS, consider operating system (OS) used, consider future business expansion plans, bandwidth capacity, RAM capacity, CPU capacity, and storage capacity.

In addition, tips for choosing the next VPS are paying attention to supported applications and technologies, knowing backend operation management, virtualization technology used by the provider, paying attention to the Data Center used, root accessunderstanding the work agreement, knowing the VPS price, ensuring the availability of adequate customer support, ensuring data security, and finally knowing whether the VPS service provider provides backup services for free or not.

”The use of VPS is highly recommended for application developers. Apart from being more economical in terms of price, VPS can be arranged according to application needs, flexible because resources can be selected as needed, and scalable because it can be improved resources in a relatively short time” said Indra Hartawan as Country Manager of Exabytes Indonesia, some time ago.

According to him, if you decide to buy a VPS with a problem, then all website services connected to the VPS will also be affected. There are several things to consider before deciding to buy a VPS.

Understand the purpose of using a VPS. VPS has so many uses, one of which is for website hosting, hosting application, do backupshare remote desktopconfigure connection private with a VPN server, observing traffic from websiteor to connect website with all IoT services.

For example, your company needs a VPS especially to connect services on IoT. So, look for a VPS service provider who has experience and is trusted in handling IoT services.

operating system or operating system which is best used is on Windows operating system and Linux.

Linux is an operating system open source at a lower price than Windows. So that Linux VPS is much more affordable. If you prefer a cheap VPS, use Linux operating system is the right choice.

But you can choose a Windows VPS if the website or service you are developing is designed for the Windows platform, for example, requires a SQL database, uses the .NET Framework programming or the application can only run on IIS Server.

A business or platform will continue to experience innovation and expansion in the future. So that over time it will continue to require greater resources.

”Lots VPS service provider which sets a certain limit on bandwidth usage every month. If the bandwidth usage exceeds the limit, the VPS access speed can be significantly reduced,” explained Indra.

Therefore, Indra added, how to choose a VPS that must be considered next is to ensure that there are no additional fees charged when bandwidth usage exceeds the normal limit.

Regarding RAM – because RAM plays an important role in ensuring that various domains and websites run on one VPS – also needs to be considered, so that it stays smooth and fast.

Availability Customer Support adequate should also be considered. When you buy a VPS, it is hoped that the VPS can be used at any time to run web server.

Therefore, choose a VPS service provider that promises assistance customer support sufficient so that performance and performance website will not be constrained even though the VPS had experienced trouble.

“If there are trouble or problems running the VPS, of course customer support Exabytes Indonesia available 24/7 and can be contacted through various media (e-mailphone, live chat) will be very helpful,” added Indra.

Price is also important. The price for buying a VPS is relative, depending on the services offered and the storage space used. Consider the price.

It should also be noted that the fair price currently on the market. So if a VPS service provider offers a price that is too high, it is better to negotiate. Likewise, when a VPS service provider sells at a very cheap price compared to the market, it is necessary to be aware of the possibility of fraud.

”At the moment, VPS price in Indonesia, it ranges from IDR 50,000 to IDR 5 million per month. Exabytes provides the best VPS services at prices ranging from very affordable to more premium and professional versions,” said Indra.

In the context of Exabytes’ 21st anniversary, Exabytes provides interesting promos, one of which is VPS. You can buy Exabytes Indonesia VPS packages starting from only IDR 50 thousand per month. (OL-10)