The beautiful Lusail, where Messi languishes


The city of Lusail suddenly became the world’s spotlight. It was there that Lionel Messi winced after Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia.

Lusail is the second largest city in Qatar. The city is located on the southern coast of the municipality of Al Daayen. That’s where the Lusail Stadium is located, the venue for Argentina’s match with Saudi Arabia in the preliminary round of Group C on Tuesday (22/11/2022).

Quoted from its official website, Lusail is located 23 kilometers from downtown Doha. The city stands on an area of ​​more than 38 square km.

When officially hosting the 2022 World Cup, Qatar completely overhauled Lusail. Most of the USD 330 billion fund was spent on beautifying the City of Lusail.

Looking back a little, in 1908 Lusail was just a village on the east coast of Qatar. The coastal area is famous for its rocky hills which are famous among sailors.

Lusail City in Qatar Photo: (Getty Images)

There used to be only about 50 clay houses in Lusail. As a fishing village, there are 9 pearl ships, 2 sea vessels and 3 fishing vessels, according to JG Lorimer’s book Gazzetter of the Persian Gulf.

Now with a population of around 200 thousand, Lusailbranding the city became Smart City and The City of Football. This city directly builds hotels, artificial islands, tourist attractions and other supporting facilities for smart cities.

Imagine, skyscrapers begin to fill the city. The building’s lights replaced the stars that shone when night fell. The newest is a hotel with a phenomenal crescent shape.

Lusail City in QatarLusail City in Qatar Photo: (Getty Images)

Of all the places, there is Al Maha Island, the coast of Lusail which is a luxury tourist area. Facilities include Nammos Beach Club, Lusail Winter Wonderland to luxury dining.

In addition there is Lusail Boulevard. This area was built with magnificent and modern architecture. Located close to Lusail Stadium, Lusail Boulevard has several playgrounds for children and adults, for example the Wow Entertainment Park.

Lusail City in QatarLusail City in Qatar Photo: (Getty Images)

But for travelers who want to know local activities and Qatari culture, they can stop by Lusail Boulevard Activation. During the 2022 World Cup, there will be local shows, water shows, car parades, drones and much more.

Construction is still going on. Lusail will still have a marina, island resorts, commercial areas, luxury shopping facilities, man-made islands and other entertainment areas.

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