That’s great! These 5 Places Provide Thick and Juicy Grilled Ribs


portion grilled ribs The softest is best eaten with warm white rice. Especially if the beef ribs are thick, grilled with the addition of soy sauce. Really good!

The rib meat has a distinctive taste and texture. More savory and soft fibrous. Besides being processed into soup, the ribs are also suitable for cooking by grilling. Grilled ribs with a spread of spices combined with soy sauce or honey are guaranteed to tempt the taste buds.

You can make this grilled rib menu as an iftar dish. Don’t forget to also eat the ribs with a biting spicy chili sauce. Wow, iftar moment must be special.

Several restaurants in offer grilled ribs as a special dish. You can enjoy grilled ribs with hot chili sauce or spicy chili sauce.

Here are some specialty rib restaurants that serve rib-grilled ribs:

1. Good Ribs

Don’t admit to being a fan of grilled ribs if you haven’t stopped by Iga Bagus. At this restaurant located in Tebet, South Jakarta, there are jumbo grilled ribs. One portion of the Barbarian Ribs menu weighs up to 1 kilogram. Perfect for dining with family or friends.

Not only that, rib fans can also spoil the tongue with a variety of solid rib dishes. Not only thick meat, the processed ribs here are also famous for their winning taste. Starting from grilled ribs, rib soup, rib satay, rib fried rice to rib-filled kebabs.

All ribs menus are served with 6 choices of chili sauce, such as chili paste, chili sauce, onion sauce, to chili sauce that makes your eyes literate.

Good Ribs
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam II no. 12
Tebet, South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 22834447

Iga Bakar with Thick and Juicy Flesh Photo: Instagram @igabagus

2. Caplin’s Grilled Ribs

Shifting a little towards Ciledug, you can stop by Iga Bakar Caplin. This grilled rib stall is always crowded with visitors because it offers a menu of thick and tasty ribs.

To make these ribs tender, before being burned, the ribs have been boiled with various spices so that the taste is perfectly absorbed. Besides being delicious, these grilled ribs are always lined up because the prices are also pocket-friendly. A portion of grilled ribs with rice is priced at Rp. 30 thousand.

Caplin’s Grilled Ribs
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No.10
northern prohibition,
Tangerang City

3. My ribs

Want a menu grilled ribs western style? Try coming to my Iga restaurant in the Manggarai area, South Jakarta. Here, the long rib meat is used from Australian beef. The size is large, thick flesh and juicy tender.

These ribs are grilled with BBQ seasoning spread. Served with white rice or french fries and mixed vegetables. A portion of BBQ grilled ribs is priced at IDR 65 thousand. Besides grilled ribs, you can also enjoy rib soup, rib-eye fried rice and various steaks. Oh yes, there are also 1 kilogram grilled ribs that are ready to be eaten together.

my ribs
Jl. Minangkabau No.6, Mangosteen Market
South Jakarta.

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