Terms of Pork and Alcohol in Korean Instant Noodle Ingredients that Muslims Should Know


Instant noodles Korea mostly contains pork. That’s why recognize some of the pork terms contained in the composition of Korean instant noodles.

For Indonesians, who are predominantly Muslim, pork is considered an unclean food. In contrast to Korea, which has made pork as a daily food.

Therefore food in Korea mostly contains pork, as in instant noodle products for example. Meanwhile, Korean instant noodles are often a favorite of many people, including Indonesians.

The Korean instant noodle products are then exported to Indonesia. It’s easy to get in various outlets at affordable prices. But for Muslims be careful, don’t just buy Korean instant noodles which may contain pork.

Usually the presence of pork is listed in the composition of the ingredients using Korean terms. To find out, you can recognize some pork terms in the composition of instant noodles.

The following terms pork and other ingredients in the composition of Korean instant noodles:

1. Dwaejigogi

The terms pork and alcohol in Korean instant noodles, one of which has the inscription dwaejigogi Photo: Instagram @JeomsimID

In Korean instant noodles containing pork, there is usually the term dwaejigogi or in Korean Hangul writing on the packaging of the instant noodles.

The term means pork. This fact was once revealed by a Korean product courier service in Indonesia with the @JeomsimID Instagram account.

“In the food composition there is the word which means PORK,” he wrote in the caption he uploaded.

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2. Donji

In addition to pork, there are also Korean instant noodles that contain pork fat. The term pork fat in Korean instant noodle composition is known as ‘donji’.

Or in Korean Hangul writing, donji is written as . The writing can be found on the back packaging of the instant noodle composition section.

3. Yugsu

The terms pork and alcohol in Korean instant noodlesThe terms pork and alcohol in Korean instant noodles have the term yugsu Photo: Instagram @JeomsimID

If you come across the term ‘yugsu‘ or written on the instant noodle packaging must be careful. Or often this term is written in English ‘meat stock’.

The term does not only exist on Korean instant noodle packaging, but also on Japanese brands. Yugsu is the composition of the broth.

The term yugsu does not mean the presence of pork, but rather means beef broth but the beef is not slaughtered Islamically.

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