Telegram Premium Starts System Trial

The instant messaging service application, Telegram, is testing a subscription system which will later be called Telegram Premium.

Now the Telegram Premium application has appeared with a beta version which means that some general users can already try it.

Launching The Verge, Tuesday (3/5), this application appears on the Apple App Store with version 8.7.2.

The version is allegedly a trial form of a Telegram subscription because it shows a set of stickers and emojis that can be accessed only through a paid subscription.

In the beta version, the most different thing found from the free service is a different set of stickers and of course can’t be downloaded randomly by users of the free service.

For sticker recipients who are not unpaid users, when they try to download premium stickers, the user will be directed to subscribe first to get the sticker.

The other advantages of the paid Telegram service are not yet known.

However, it is suspected that later the premium service referred to by Telegram will function on other features developed by them, such as the crypto asset access feature, the chatbot feature, to live broadcasts.

Officially, Telegram does not want to comment and mentions that the Premium Telegram service will soon be available to the wider community.

However, there are indeed plans regarding the presence of paid services in the application since 2020.

This was revealed by Telegram founder Pavel Durov who said Telegram is set to generate revenue from at least 2021.

Pavel promises that the messaging service, which is currently free, will certainly remain accessible for all users.

However, for new features, later customers may have to spend to be able to take advantage of these features.

That’s why Telegram lately is not only known as an instant messaging application service but also a super application provider.

This means that users can use many services from just one application.

Currently, Telegram has 500 million users on its service and there will definitely be users who will pay to get the features that Telegram has to offer in the future. (Ant/OL-12)

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