Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle, Panasonic Launches 3 Product Lines in the Air Health and Water Clarity Sector

Air health and water clarity are important elements that are of concern to the public during the Covid-19 pandemic. This has also triggered PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia to continue to innovate through the products it produces.

COO of Panasonic IAQ Solutions PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia Masami Nakagawa said, as a pioneer in the electronics industry in Indonesia, PGI always presents quality and innovative electronic products. Moreover, Indonesia is an important market, so Panasonic always strives to provide the best solutions for the needs of the entire community.

“For more than 60 years, Panasonic GOBEL is committed to always trying to contribute through various innovations in terms of technology. Therefore, we want to change people’s lifestyles so they can feel how important it is to maintain the quality of water and clean air in their daily lives, so that they can live their best lives in accordance with Panasonic’s slogan, namely Live Your Best.” said Masami Nakagawa.

Head of Panasonic IAQ Solutions PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia Rawenda hopes that the presence of 3 series of new products in the form of Submersible Water Pumps, Fans and Air Purifiers nanoe X, can be the best solution for Indonesian people to get decent clean air and water that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. anywhere.

Submersible Water Pumps specifically for deep well pumps, where Panasonic adds to its product line up for the needs of the Indonesian people by presenting 4 types of submersibles namely GS-03H232, GS-04H311, GS-05H315 and GS-07H320.

This Submersible Pump has a large water discharge in its class, 16% more than similar water pumps and can flow water rapidly without a large electrical output. In addition to using quality and anti-rust materials, a strong frame, this water pump is equipped with thermal protection which functions to turn off the motor automatically when the motor temperature reaches 130 degrees Celsius and a current protector which functions to cut off the electric current if the current is excessive. The control box on the Submersible Water Pump is made of fire-resistant V0 material.

Fans F-EP4022, F-ES4022 and F-EL402 are the latest innovations that Panasonic presents with an elegant design, has a motor with high performance, greater airflow capacity with lower power consumption so that it saves electricity and gets a star rating. 3 for energy efficiency.

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Quality standards (PCSS) make Panasonic products the best with quality and fire-resistant materials and free from hazardous materials (RoHS Free) with a variety of quality materials.

In the 3 types of the latest Panasonic Air purifiers F-PXV50AKN, F-VXV70AWN and F-PXU70A, these three products have been embedded with advanced nanoe X technology and HEPA Filters.

The nanoe X technology in this air purifier is an upgrade from the previous technology, nanoe, where nanoe X itself produces 4.8 trillion OH radicals per month, so that nanoe X inhibits the growth of viruses, especially Corona Virus Sars-2 and its variants up to 99.99% as well as moisturizing the skin and hair. This nanoe X technology has been tested by the global research institute Texcell, France.

Both Air Purifiers are also equipped with HEPA and Deodorizer filters which are capable of filtering PM 2.5 or 0.3 micron particles, viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens and odors to clothing fibers, Direct Front Suction with stronger particle absorption on the front directly , features a Mega catcher that is able to absorb large pollutants and is equipped with 3D Circulation Air Flow so that it can absorb dirty air in the room from all directions.

Intelligent Sensing which detects the level of pollution, odor, humidity in the room. Specifically, the F-VXV70AWN has a feature that can detect the level of activity in the room so that it saves energy.

“The products we offer provide the best quality that brings happiness to the people of Indonesia,” said Rawenda. (RO/OL-7)

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