Support Digitization of Traditional Markets, Pintap Prepares Technology Solutions

PANDEMI leaves an impact in various sectors, including trading in traditional markets. During the pandemic in Indonesia, data showed that the turnover of traders in traditional markets fell by 50%. The decline in turnover is indicated to have occurred in 285 regencies and cities in Indonesia.

This impact is unfortunate considering that traditional markets have great potential to support the Indonesian economy. The potential of traditional markets is reflected in the large number of traditional market players in Indonesia of 3.6 million. In addition, about 60-70% of retail trade transactions occur in traditional markets. Potential transactions in traditional markets can also contribute up to 60% of Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product.

Founder & Director of PT Solusi Pintap Indonesia (Pintap) Yunosuke Shigesato said that this great potential can be utilized, one of which is through the role of digitizing traditional markets. The digitalization of traditional markets will play a very important role in terms of transactions and payments and the private sector is needed to make it happen.

In response to this, PT Solusi Pintap Indonesia (Pintap); companies based on data services and B2B (business-to-business) products, participate in encouraging traditional markets to transform digitally.

“Pintap connects and provides more opportunities between clients and more than 10,000 communities and/or traditional market players in Indonesia, such as warungs, wholesalers, field sellers, freelance motorists, and mothers’ communities,” said Shigesato in a virtual discussion, Monday (18 /4).

In terms of digitizing traditional markets, Pintap strives to always turn networks in traditional markets into real data and action. This is possible because Pintap has its own platform on the side of the traditional market so it is possible to obtain primary data in terms of transactions and attribution.

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Shigesato emphasized that his party views the challenge in the traditional market ecosystem as how to create infrastructure and/or pathways to monetize various opportunities from upstream or clients to be channeled to small economic actors in various regions so as to create sustainable and diverse growth in Indonesia.

“This is our foundation in creating these 2 business model schemes, namely Data-Based Business Services (Software as a Service SaaS) for Clients by helping clients to carry out various business actions in traditional markets by supporting data analysis and support in sales and marketing actions. clients,” he explained.

“Both are direct interactions of traditional market players. We help clients to take direct action in the traditional market ecosystem. We believe that the traditional market community has power. We continue to contribute to finding sponsors who help the growth of the small and medium business community in Indonesia,” added Shigesato.

Shigesato emphasized that Pintap supports and welcomes the important role of clients in collaborating and integrating social and business actions to support traditional market players. Through technology and community,

“Pintap will always look forward to enlightening and empowering the traditional small economy by providing more opportunities to clients and traditional market players,” he concluded. (RO/OL-7)

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