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Sultan! Alshad Ahmad Gives His White Tiger A5 Wagyu Feed


Netizens are excited about Alshad Ahmad’s white bengal tiger. This tiger named Selen gets special treatment, including being fed wagyu!

Alshad Ahmad is well-known as a content creator as well as an animal lover. He has adopted many animals, including the bengal tiger.

Most recently, he adopted a white bengal tiger from South Africa. Alshad names her Selen. In a short time, this 3-month-old tiger immediately stole the attention of netizens.

Many are excited about Selen’s figure, especially since she is still small so she likes to run around and play. Alshad is also very close to Selen.

Alshad often shares his exciting moments with Selen. One of the new ones is when Alshad provides special feed for the tigress.

Wagyu A5, special feed from Alshad Ahmad for his pet tiger. Photo: TikTok Alshad Ahmad

In his TikTok upload (6/3/2022), it is seen that he bought an A5 wagyu for Selen. Wagyu A5 is a type of premium beef from Japan.

Code A5 indicates that the wagyu is the best in its class. The proportion of meat is the most and the quality is also the most superior.

The Wagyu A5 is sold with a special certificate. This beef feels soft and melts when you bite it. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to taste the A5 wagyu because of the high price.

Alshad deliberately gave wagyu A5 to pamper Selen. “Oh my God! It’s so soft. Juicy, this is for sure,” said Alshad as he cut up the 3 kg wagyu.

Then the A5 wagyu piece was given to Selen. Alshad feeds them one by one. Selen looks hungry to eat it. From standing up, he even sat down.

Selen doesn’t need much effort to bite the wagyu A5 because the texture is soft and chewy like jelly. “Ouch, this is a beautiful meal,” commented Alshad.

Sultan!  Alshad Ahmad Gives His White Tiger A5 Wagyu FeedSelen, tiger Alshad Ahmad is seen enjoying the A5 wagyu. Photo: TikTok Alshad Ahmad

So much for wagyu A5, Selen even licked the hand of Alshad who gave the meat. Selen’s video successfully stole the attention of netizens.

As of this writing, Alshad’s video has been viewed 7 million times. There are a lot of comments too. Netizens are jealous of Selen having the chance to taste wagyu A5.

“Len Lu eats meat every day. I only eat meat once a year on Eid al-Adha,” said a netizen. “Selen eats meat, I bought chicken nutmeg,” said another netizen.

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