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Sudden Rich! This Couple Finds An Expensive Pearl While Eating Oysters at a Restaurant


This New Jersey couple suddenly became rich after finding pearls in the oysters they ate. These pearls are thought to be worth thousands of dollars. Wow!

A couple named Michael and Maria Spressler recently visited The Lobster House Restaurant. While eating oysters, they were surprised to find a beautiful pearl inside.

Reportedly Today (7/3) Michael and Maria actually have become regulars at this seafood restaurant, but this visit is considered the most special. The couple, who lives in New Jersey, ordered raw oysters still served with their shells.

Pearls are expensive when eating oysters Photo: Today

This appetizer menu turned out to bring fortune for Michael and Maria. When almost finished enjoying the oysters they ordered, Michael noticed something strange in one of the oysters served.

“I took the 12th oyster and when I picked it up on the fork it looked a little heavy, but I didn’t think about it,” said Michael Spressler. “Then when I started eating it I felt something in my mouth. I actually thought one of my teeth was broken.”

Maria Spressler recounted the experience as a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence and was pleasantly surprised by the discovery of this pearl.

“We’ve eaten dozens of scallops and we’ve never come across anything like it, so it was pretty fun,” he said.

Keith Laudeman, the owner of this restaurant, said he also did not expect that the oyster menu served at his restaurant contained pearls.

“It’s quite rare,” Laudeman said. “We’ve seen pearls that are small, never big ones like this.”

Lobster House restaurant is a legendary restaurant because it has been operating for more than 100 years. “People call me right away because of the visitor’s experience of finding pearls in oysters,” Laudeman said. He also said this was good news because his business would be bustling.

Pearls are Expensive When Eating OystersPearls are expensive when eating oysters Photo: Today

This beautiful pearl which is claimed to have a high price was brought home by Michael and is completely his. Michael plans to keep this large pearl with a diameter of 8.8 mm. He had previously asked the price of this pearl at a jewelry store and it was said that it was worth thousands of dollars.

“I wanted to make it into a nice piece of jewelry, maybe a mermaid or something sea-themed,” says Maria. “These are great memories of that day and what we have is very special.”

The pair weren’t the only pearls to discover while eating oysters. Previously there was also a truck driver in Thailand who found rare pearls while enjoying oysters. Pearl weighing 7 grams is even offered at a price of 4.6 billion rupiah.

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