Subhan Allah! Anambas Mosque Has a History of Immune to Japanese Bombs

Anambas Islands

The charm of white sandy beaches, and beautiful sea views are the mainstay of tourism in the Anambas Islands. In addition to marine tourism, the expansion area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNatuna Regency is also rich in historical and religious tourism.

One of the historical buildings in Anambas is located in the Tarempa area, namely the Jami’ Baiturrahim Mosque. This mosque was first built in 1880. When calculated, now the mosque which is located in the center of Tarempa is more than a century old, or about 142 years.

Behind the sturdy building of the Jami’ Baiturrahim Mosque, it turns out that there is an interesting story behind the history of the oldest mosque in Anambas. Deputy Chairperson of the Jami’ Baiturrahim Mosque Management, Saparudin said that before Indonesia’s independence, in 1941, the Tarempa area was attacked by 7 planes belonging to Japanese troops. The plane dropped bombs at a number of points on Siantan Island.

“When the Japanese were still colonizing, the incident occurred on a Sunday morning at 09.00, September 14, 1941. (There were) 7 Japanese planes that bombed Tarempa City, Siantan Island, and including the Teluk Siantan Mosque, (or now) the Jami Baiturrahim Mosque Tarempa,” he explained to detikcom, some time ago.

Miraculously, despite being bombed twice, there was no explosion at the Jami’ Baiturrahim Mosque. Whereas according to Saparudin, bombs exploded in several other areas. Including around the old fish market area, as well as the Sugi River which is less than 1 Km away. Even many people’s houses were destroyed by the bomb explosion.

Jami’ Baiturrahim Mosque in Tarempa, Anambas Islands. Photo: doc. Rafida Fauzia/detikcom

“(Yes) in the old fish market, the market area used to be sand and rivers and there were still many houses on stilts along the banks of the river,” he said.

Although it is quite old, the mosque building still stands strong and functions as a place of worship for the local community. Not only parents, but elementary school children in the vicinity are also diligent in praying at the Jami’ Baiturrahim Mosque.

“(Yes), usually congregations who come to pray at the mosque can reach 150-200 people,” he said.

When viewed from the outside, the appearance of this mosque looks simple. The shape of the structure of the building as the building in ancient times. The walls are only painted white and green. On the front face is the name of the mosque which is written in Arabic calligraphy. Then just below it was written the name of the location where the mosque stood, namely Tarempa, Anambas Islands Regency.

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