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Strengthening Position in Indonesia’s Prop-Tech Industry, Rukita Acquires Infokost.id

AS a leading long-term residential rental company in Indonesia, Rukita is ready to strengthen its position as a market leader in the Prop-Tech industry.

Rukita by officially acquiring Infokost.id. Rukita has brought Infokost.id back to the public since February 2022.

Infokost.id is the first boarding house search site in Indonesia, which was present in 2011, and is the leading choice for boarding house seekers.

Previously, Infokost.id was under the auspices of GDP Venture, namely the Djarum Group financing company, which finally officially announced the closure and termination of Infokost.id’s operations on December 31, 2020.

Now, Infokost.id has officially been taken over by Rukita and revived with some changes to its appearance website-his. Infokost.id is ready to offer more than one million rooms in the infokost.id property listings and to serve 50,000 boarding house owners.

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“With this acquisition, we can serve more consumers and property owners throughout Indonesia through Infokost.id. This is one of a series of business expansions carried out by Rukita in 2022,” said Xu-Zonne Ho, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Rukita, Jakarta, Monday (14/3).

Xu explained that convenience, comfort, and safety are the main factors for Millennials in determining the best choice when searching for a boarding house.

In responding to these needs, Rukita continues to be committed to providing optimal service for Millennials who crave comfortable and safe boarding houses through the addition of services at Infokost.id.

As a company that prioritizes technological innovation, Rukita will present a series of more changes fresh on website Infokost.id.

This will provide convenience for consumers so that it will automatically encourage the business development of partners or boarding house owners who partner with Infokost.id.

Consumers who want to find boarding houses can enter the website www.infokost.id and register easily just by using a mobile number.

Then, consumers can search and make reservations at properties that are on the Infokost list verified by filling out the form, and will be directly connected to the Infokost.id team who will forward the request to the property owner.

Meanwhile, for boarding house owners who want to partner with Infokost.id, it will be easier to register their property at Infokost.id.

“In the future, we will continue to develop the latest innovations and features at Infokost.id to immediately present them to the public, so that Infokost.id can provide optimal service to consumers and boarding house owners,” said Xu. (RO/OL-09)