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Strengthen Margin Transaction Trends, Magically Provide Broker Fees and 0% Interest

In information disclosure, margin transactions have been reinstated by the Government since January 2021. This is done in order to maintain the continuity of the market so that it remains conducive.

The latest, based on the announcement of the Indonesia Stock Exchange No. Peng-00052/BEI.POP/02-2022, the exchange stipulates a list of securities or a list of shares that can be traded and pledged in margin transactions for the trading period of March 2022.

Participating in strengthening the trend of margin transactions, the Ajaib investment platform through Ajaib Sekuritas has officially released an online margin transaction feature for retail investors. The margin transaction feature is already available and can be used by Android users with a minimum application version of 1.0.1W. and will soon be available on iOS and the Magic website.

“Ajaib provides investors with a low margin interest rate of 0.039% per day or 14% per year for margin transactions. The interest rates offered are lower than those offered by other similar companies, which average interest rates starting at 18 percent,” said Anna Lora, President Director of PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia.

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Not only that, Ajaib also provides a special offer in the form of 0% brokerage fees and 0% interest rates that investors can enjoy until June 2022.

Anna added, the presence of the margin transaction feature innovation is a form of Magic’s commitment to advancing the capital market by making transactions easier for Indonesian retail investors.

For the record, trading stocks using margin of course has its advantages and risks. That is why, margin transactions are more suitable for experienced investors or traders. (RO/OL-7)