Strange Sect, Eat Instant Noodles Using Bread Like Sandwiches


More and more types, people now have their own way of eating instant noodles. One of them uses plain bread, which is eaten like a sandwich.

Eating fried instant noodles or noodle soup, is sure to be a favorite menu for many people in Indonesia. Starting from the creation of the nyemek noodle, to the creation of the devil’s chili sauce noodle, all of them were hits in their time.

Recently, a Twitter user shared his strange habit of eating instant noodles. He shared this photo via his Twitter account @askrlfess (04/03).

“What do you think?” he asked, complete with photos of instant noodle soup with not too much gravy. On top, he added plain bread without the edges and then wrapped the instant noodles like sandwich filling before eating them.

The combination of instant noodles with plain bread certainly makes netizens confused, even angry with themselves because of how to eat instant noodles which are considered unreasonable. In a short time, there were hundreds of replies from netizens who had opinions about this newest sect of eating instant noodles.

“Are people like this really being eaten, or just to update? It just seems weirder,” commented @hal**.

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Strange Sect, Eat Instant Noodles Using Bread Like Sandwiches Photo: Twitter @asrklfess

“For those who sent this photo (sender), you’d better istighfar,” commented @peac**.

“What do you mean? This blasphemy against noodle lovers is called,” criticized @yang**.

Although many say this sect of eating instant noodles with plain bread is strange. But not a few netizens who have tried this combination, and agree that the taste of instant noodles and bread is quite good.

“Try using fried instant noodles, then use fried eggs, meat, or sausage and then vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce. Make it like a sandwich, it’s delicious. It’s recommended to use Samyang instant noodles, because it’s spicy so it’s delicious,” suggested @can**.

“Wey, I’ve also eaten like that. But the pandan bread is green, then the noodles use fried noodles. After that time there was no rice in my house, then there was only bread. The creative idea came up,” recalls @hot* *.

Regardless of the pros and cons, this photo of eating instant noodles with white bread has been liked by 411 users, and has received more than hundreds of retweets.

Previously there was also a sect of eating instant noodles that were not stirred. Then the sect ate instant noodles with separate spices, which made netizens feel hot when they saw it.

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