Steam is Preparing PSE Registration Documents

The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) said Steam showed a commitment to register as an electronic system operator, responding to developer concerns. games local release games on that platform.

“For (developer games local) which is distributed via Steam, we ask you to wait a moment. We already have communication with Steam, they are preparing registration,” said the Director General of Informatics Applications, Kemenkominfo, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, during a virtual press conference, Sunday (31/7).

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Kominfo blocked the platform online game Steam since July 29 for not registering the electronic system organizer (PSE) until the time limit given.

This blocking is not only troubling for consumers, especially those who have already paid a subscription fee, but also developers games local.

Amount games made by local developers released on Steam, among others Dreadout, She and The Light Bearer, and CoffeeTalk.

The blocking of Steam also creates new problems because a number of games have registered as PSE, however, they are still unplayable because they are available on the platform.

Semuel said that since being blocked yesterday, Steam has sent a letter to them and is committed to registering as an electronic system operator.

“We are waiting, hopefully we can register quickly,” said Semuel.

He also apologized to the developer games because of this constraint.

“Sorry to developers and players games because there are still obstacles, they (Steam) are completing and are committed to registering immediately,” said Semuel.

When it comes to developments games local after big platforms like Steam were blocked, Kominfo stated they support the industry games local, one of which cooperates with the association games conduct training.

In addition, Kominfo also scheduled an event in Bali in the form of a developer meeting games local with potential investors.

Steam is one of the platforms that communicates with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics after it was blocked last Saturday. In addition to Steam, Kominfo stated that Dota 2 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive have also sent letters regarding this PSE registration obligation.

Four other companies whose services were blocked have not communicated with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics to date, namely Epic Games, Origin, Yahoo and PayPal.

Regarding PayPal, which is said to have registered, but is still blocked, Kominfo said the registration was invalid because it was not carried out by a PayPal representative. (Ant/OL-09)

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