Steal Attention! This seller serves Ramen by throwing it


Excited actions are often shown by food vendors to steal the attention of their customers. As ramen seller who threw his serving ramen.

There are several acts of food vendors that horrendous customers. Not only from the menu, the unique appearance of the seller, to the exciting cooking action.

Reporting from Sora News (13/2), there is a ramen seller in Japan who has a unique action. This unique action managed to steal the attention because the cook threw the cooked ramen to a waiter in charge of serving the ramen.

Ramen throwing action to be served this can be found at an outlet called Hakata Ramen Himawari. The location of the outlet is in Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan.

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Amazing Chef Throwing Ramen Photo: SORA NEWS

The excited cooking show can be seen up close if you get a seat facing the kitchen. The customer who filmed the action happened to be sitting near the kitchen.

The customer ordered a portion Himarawi Ramen which is priced at 1000 yen (Rp 123,715). In the video he recorded, he could see how the cook threw his noodle dish several times.

It seems the chef has been trained to throw the noodles. Because his hands are very flexible and done without hesitation.

Amazing Chef Throwing RamenAmazing Chef Throwing Ramen Photo: SORA NEWS

This customer initially thought that the appearance of the ramen served to him was not beautiful. Because it was thrown first before.

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But it turned out to be wrong. The customer seemed satisfied with his order of ramen. Himawari Ramen is served beautifully in a bowl surrounded by nori (dried seaweed).

The ramen is also topped with chopped scallions, corn on the cob, mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, and mentaiko. For the pork broth, it looks delicious and appetizing.

Amazing Chef Throwing RamenAmazing Chef Throwing Ramen Photo: SORA NEWS

Other actions were also shown by the chef and waiter from the ramen shop. In addition to throwing noodles, the chef also threw a bowl that will be used to serve ramen. After that, the chef threw the noodles at the waiter and was caught using the bowl.

This chef’s action always attracts the attention of customers. It’s no wonder that this Japanese ramen shop is very crowded with customers.

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