Staying at this hotel, travelers become the closest people to space


Staycation is one way of healing to calm yourself down. In this hotel room, travelers are not only promised comfort and views of Jakarta, but will be the person closest to the sky than anyone in the capital city.

The Westin is one of many hotels with beautiful views. What makes this hotel second to none, because of its height soaring to the horizon.

Imagine, this hotel is in Rasuna Said, South Jakarta. However, the ‘existence’ of the hotel is only on the 52nd floor.

Only on the lowest floor, which is the 52nd floor, a traveler can sit in awe because of the beautiful sky which is addictive. Meanwhile the rooms start from the 53rd to 67th floors.

The Westin Photo: (The Westin Jakarta)

Staying at this hotel, there are two rooms tested by detikTravel namely Westin Room and Premium Room. The difference in this room is in the area and the number of windows.

Chat with Samit Ganguly, General Manager of The Westin Jakarta, detikTravel talk a lot about the rooms there. Having been in the sales world for 21 years, Samit gave some tips on how to enjoy your time at the hotel.

“Most of those who come here are business people. They work while on vacation, so the room is only for sleeping. In fact, there are experiences that are bought here,” he said.

The hotel with a height of 285.5 meters is the tallest in Indonesia. Samit said that staying guests should be aware that they are closer to the sky than anyone else in Indonesia.

“Guests usually turn off the lights while sleeping, I recommend opening the windows too. Sleep under the gaze of the stars,” said Samit.

The Westin JakartaThe Westin Photo: (Rengga Sancaya/detikFoto)

Samit wants his guests not only to enjoy the view of from the window, but also to gaze at the stars. Moreover, when the sky is clear, then hundreds of stars will accompany you to sleep.

“Perhaps many people come here for proposals just because of this beautiful view. In particular, ladies, don’t just think about it, but try to really live. The person you love the most in this world, of course you are, right?” said Samit.

Try to enjoy the dance of the stars to the music. Prepare a drink you like and daydream all night.

“Ladies, you guys are working and standing all the time. How much time do you spend on yourself? For women it may be while dressing and men shaving. It may only take about 15 minutes per day,” he said.

“When do you talk to yourself? This sight is true happiness. Take time for yourself,” he said.

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