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Startup McEasy Helps Partners Overcome Shipping Surges During Ramadan and Eid

The McEasy COMPANY is optimistic that it can help its partners improve the efficiency of logistics services to anticipate spikes during the fasting month and Eid al-Fitr.

The volume of goods shipments, including shipments of food and food commodities, usually increases during Ramadan and peaks during the Eid period.

Hasanuddin Yasni, General Chair of the Indonesian Refrigeration Chain Association, stated, “Based on 2021 data, food shipments that require temperature control, including frozen food, usually range from 40,000 orders per day for the Greater Jakarta area and 100,000 orders per day for the Indonesian region.”

“When approaching certain moments, such as Lebaran, food deliveries increase by 1.5 times for the Jabodetabek area to around 60,000 orders per day and reach 140,000 orders for all parts of Indonesia,” he said in a press statement, Friday (11/3).

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“Industry players must be strategic in planning logistics to anticipate the surge at this moment,” Hasanuddin continued.

McEasy developed a Transportation Management System (TMS) that can help logistics players increase fleet productivity ahead of this peak moment.

“One of the benefits that our partners get from using the McEasy Transportation Management System is the abundance of data that can be reprocessed and helps with logistics planning,” concluded Raymond Sutjiono, Co-Founder, McEasy.

“TMS can produce an analysis of whether the formation and scale of the fleet is optimal or needs to be readjusted to anticipate the spike in Ramadan and Eid. Careful planning can increase delivery effectiveness and save operational costs by up to 30%,” said Raymond.

McEasy is startup smart logistics management and tracking providing SaaS based digital solutions (software-as-a-service).

Their business performance over the past year has increased sharply. Number of vehicles (fleet) which has been integrated into the McEasy system has increased by 30 times and the number of partners has grown by 10 times since the third quarter of 2020.

The Transportation Management System developed by McEasy is a software intelligent integrated to analyze the process of shipping goods efficiently and unified. This software is useful for logistics service providers, including passenger buses, delivery services. (RO/OL-09)