Startup Gravel Provides Solutions to Find Builders Through Applications

One of the biggest challenges for building project owners is the difficulty of finding qualified and experienced builders.

To hire a handyman, especially in large numbers, the project owner does not only need time and effort but also a careful calculation of the allocation of funds.

Worker problems for construction projects need appropriate and fast solutions, because if they are not resolved, they can have an impact on project completion delays.

Moreover, development in Indonesia is being incessantly, the development of strategic projects, transportation infrastructure, and so on is underway.

If the problem of the availability of quality craftsmen is not answered immediately, it will have an impact on development.

“For several years in the construction sector, I was often faced with a situation where projects could not run because it was difficult to gather large numbers of builders,” said CEO of Gravel, Georgi Putra in a statement, Saturday (8/10).

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“After there are builders, the project is also still faced with the issue of the lack of quality work of the craftsmen and their commitment to complete the project according to plan. This puts the time and cost efficiency of the project at risk.” George explained.

Gravel as a digital innovation in the construction sector

In the era of digital transformation like now, labor problems like this can actually be solved with technology.

Unfortunately, the construction sector is one of the sectors in Indonesia that is less fast in adopting digital transformation.

For this reason, Gravel as a digital company seeks to answer the challenges of employment in the construction sector.

By utilizing technology, Gravel is present as a supply and demand bridge between builders/construction workers and building project owners.

Gravel connects builders and project owners with the app. Currently, more than 2500 projects in various provinces in Indonesia have been completed by Gravel’s artisan partners.

Surabaya becomes Gravel’s first branch office

After officially operating in 2019 with its head office in Jakarta, in May 2022, Gravel opened its first branch office in East Java, to be precise in Mulyorejo, Surabaya.

“The East Java area has a lot of potential that can be explored, development here is increasing. Gravel makes Surabaya our second home, so that we can contribute to the construction sector in East Java and provide support to the construction workers here,” Gravel CPO Fredy Yanto explained.

The handyman search feature in Gravel has proven to be effective in connecting Dulur (as Gravel Partners) to project owners in various areas in Surabaya, such as the construction of the Vancouver Park Housing and Grand Harvest.

It is hoped that Gravel technology, which is able to provide a large number of skilled and experienced construction workers, can be a solution to accelerate development in East Java, especially in Surabaya and its surroundings.

Reflected by the tagline How to Easily Find a Tukang, Gravel since 2019 has helped project owners to find a variety of experienced artisans simply by ordering a handyman from the app. Various types of builders have been associated with these projects.

Welders, bricklayers, electricians, to civil engineers get jobs through the application.

The problem of the effectiveness of time and energy in finding a handyman can be completed simply from the hand, namely through the Gravel application.

Gravel ensures that the craftsmen selected are experts and experienced and have passed the competency test according to industry standards. 99.7% Gravel Partners get satisfactory reviews from users.

“The first time we used the Gravel application, we got an electrician who was so solution and neat for electrical installation work, then we ordered more civil servants, carpenters finishing, welder and kernet who are also good at work. The management team is also communicative and quick to respond.” Mrs. Naila, one of the Gravel application users, expressed her satisfaction after Gravel’s handyman partner worked on the renovation of her house in Vancouver Park, Sidoarjo.

Gravel grows with the craftsman

Expertise and good performance are indeed the main keys to the success of a handyman, but what is no less important is the digital skill of a handyman to take the job.

“Even though in the end the work and working environment are the same, but actually the craftsmen are entering a new realm. It is our responsibility to prepare them,” explained Fredy Yanto.

“We are preparing incentives so that their motivation and productivity will increase in a way that they have never found in any project, namely the ‘Today Work, Tomorrow Definitely Payday’ payment system,” added Fredy.

Gravel as a digital innovation also picks up the ball and educates craftsmen through concrete steps such as the initiation of the Bayarin Gravel program which was carried out on September 9, 2022.

Gravel Bayarin provides a free lunch for the artisans at a shop near the project as a means for them to gather with their colleagues during breaks and gain knowledge about using applications and the digital world.

In the future, Gravel will present features and ecosystems that will become a one stop solution in the construction sector and all of them are guaranteed to be reachable in the palm of the hand.

“Through the digital power of Gravel, it will enable users to find builders for various levels of development, ordering building materials, to construction management consultants, architects, interior designers, and other services,” explained Fredy. (RO/.OL-09)

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