Starting from a knife of Rp. 42 million by Chef Devina, MSMEs get 1 ton of wheat flour


Comment on chef’s tweet Devina Hermawan, who showed off a knife with a price of Rp. 42 million, this wheat flour company ended up being challenged to send 1 ton of flour for MSME actors. How’s the story?

Not long ago, chef Devina Hermawan stole the show after showing off her three kitchen knives that she bought for Rp. 42 million on her Twitter @hermawan_devina (17/02).

The three knives are limited edition series of Wusthof Amici 1814 8″, Shun Engetsu 8″ and and Zwilling JA Henckels Intercontinental 290th Anniversary 8″. All are made with premium materials and have cool features.

Immediately, chef Devina’s tweet about the Rp. 42 million knife was immediately crowded. Even the flour company Bogasari responded, but the response was considered ‘sarcastic’.

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Chef Devina Hermawan’s Rp 42 million knife Photo: Twitter @hermawan_devina

“It seems that 42 million knives can cut poverty, bro,” wrote the Twitter account @KreasiBogasari.

The tweet turned out to be no less crowded when chef Devina responded back with a challenge. dropout MasterChef the fifth season challenged the company to donate 1 tonne of wheat flour to food vendors.

“Cutting poverty can be started from Bogasari donating 1 ton of wheat flour to food traders throughout Indonesia,” he wrote.

“Dare to accept the challenge? Please help the RT brothers and sisters until Bogasari grants it,” tweeted chef Devina Hermawan.

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Knives IDR 42 millionChef Devina challenges Bogasari to donate 1 ton of wheat flour Photo: Twitter @hermawan_devina

Chef Devina’s challenge was then retweeted as many as 10,000 and immediately accepted by Bogasari. Through his Twitter, Bogasari invites food vendors to send the address for sending wheat flour.

However, Bogasari’s tweet that said a knife of Rp. 42 million could cut poverty has been deleted. Chef Devina doesn’t care about this, because the challenge has been taken up.

Netizen’s tweets were no less enlivening the challenge. Many netizens supported the challenge to help small food vendors.

“It’s good to help traders. But their internal team is an internal meeting on Saturday, isn’t it,” wrote a netizen.

“It’s cool to accept the challenge, if the postage is expensive, the chef said Devina you can just send the balance hehe,” wrote another netizen.

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