Start Your Morning in Singkawang with Legendary Pekong Porridge


What breakfast in Singkawang? Forget hotel food. Get out there and explore the city’s tantalizing breakfasts. One of them is the legendary Pekong porridge!

Pekong Porridge. At first glance, when you hear his name, a traveler will definitely be curious and ask questions. What porridge is that? Turns out, the answer is beef porridge.

Instead of using chicken, this porridge uses sliced ​​beef that has been cut into small pieces as a topping.

What’s even more unique is that this porridge is doused with clear beef broth. Still not unique too? What if there is an additional topping in the form of fried anchovies with a salty taste on it.

How does it feel? according to detikTravelSurprisingly, the combination of salted anchovies, beef broth, and beef chunks, plus spring onions, peanuts, and fried onions, turns out to be really delicious!

Dian is making Pekong porridge. (Revelation Setyo Widodo / detikTravel)

The savory beef broth, met with rice porridge and salted anchovies, feels very solid on the tongue. Instead of colliding with each other, they actually reinforce each other’s taste, so that it breaks in the mouth. Don’t forget to add chili to make it taste even better.

This Pekong porridge turned out to be very legendary. This porridge has been around since 1976. This means that the owner has been selling porridge for 45 years.

“This is called Pekong Porridge, since 1976, from my brother there has not been,” said Dian (23), the second generation successor to Pekong Porridge. detikTravel, Saturday (29/1/2022).

Singkawang Pekong PorridgeVisitors enjoy Pekong porridge. (Setyo Widodo’s revelation/ detikTravel

Oh yes, about the word Pekong attached to the name of this porridge, it turns out to refer to Tua Peh Kong, aka Vihara Tri Dharma Bumi Raya which stands right in front of the porridge shop.

So this porridge shop is called Bubur Pekong, because its location is standing in front of Pekong. In addition to porridge, this shop also sells other breakfast menus such as vegetable rice cake, chicken satay and beef satay.

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