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Spotify Boosts Search for Podcasts

SPOTIFY is rumored to be increasing the search for podcast content for its users so that it can improve a better experience by leveraging smart technology “Deep Learning”.

The information was announced by Spotify in their engineering blog to inform the development of the technology used in the application.

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“To allow users to find more relevant content with less effort, we started investigating a technique called Natural Language Search also known as Semantic Search in literature,” Spotify said as quoted by XDA Developers, Saturday.

This technological capability will search for correlated keywords instead of requiring exact keyword matches.

This means that this sophistication allows users to enter keywords such as synonyms or paraphrases to find the podcast content they want.

In the past year, the podcast industry has grown rapidly, including its presence on digital platforms and Spotify is no exception.

Search with Natural Language it allows multisource search.

For example, when a user searches for “the impact of electric cars”, later podcasts that come out can show broader discussion topics such as “Electric cars are better for the environment”, or “Electric cars and ecology”.

These changes may make Spotify a better podcast search engine than many other podcast players, but in the future it won’t just use NLP technology but rely on previous technologies that leverage AI to improve search.

Spotify has invested a lot of money to push its podcasts.

The company even acquired Podsights and Chartable in February, which is an advertising and analytics platform for podcasters.

Spotify also paid $340 million for Gimlet Media (a podcast network) and Anchor (a podcast publishing platform) in 2019, and podcast technology company Whooshkaa was bought in late 2021.