Spend IDR 2.8 Million Eating at a Michelin Restaurant, This Woman Crying!


Michelin restaurants are synonymous with expensive dining prices. This woman, for example, spent Rp. 2.8 million. This experience turned him into tears! I wonder why?

A Michelin restaurant is the name for a restaurant that has received a star award from the Michelin Guide. It’s not easy to get a star from this prestigious dining guide. A restaurant must pass the strict assessment given by a Michelin Guide inspector.

Michelin restaurant Guides generally have a fine dining concept. No wonder the price of dining is also expensive, can reach millions of rupiah per head. But even though the price is expensive, often the portions served are only small.

Some people are reluctant to eat at Michelin restaurants. They worry that the expensive costs that have been spent are not commensurate with the enjoyment that will be obtained.

But a female reporter in England named Kirsty Bosley remains curious about the sensation of eating at Michelin restaurant. quote Mirror (25/2/2022), he finally went to eat at Adam’s restaurant located in Birmingham.

In total, Kirsty spent 150 pounds sterling or around Rp. 2.8 million to dine here. He enjoyed tasting the menu that had been prepared by the restaurant.

Kirsty stopped by a Michelin restaurant which priced at IDR 2.8 million for a 7 course set menu. Photo: Kirsty Bosley via Mirror UK

When entering the restaurant, Kirsty found special service. He was very well received by the restaurant staff who helped him take off his coat and accompanied him to the table.

The restaurant staff even removed an empty chair at Kirsty’s table so she wouldn’t feel ‘intimidated’ by eating alone. Because the presence of an empty seat is feared to make Kirsty even more anxious due to eating alone.

Furthermore, the restaurant staff also remembered Kirsty’s request for a vegetarian menu. He also does not have to worry about the menu that will be served later.

In total Kirsty enjoyed 7 types of dishes, namely 4 appetizers, 1 main course and 2 puddings. He admitted that the portion of food served was small, but it tasted good and exceeded his expectations. He was so curious to eat again and again.

From the appetizer, he was served a menu made from cucumber, lime, and wasabi. “My eyes are watering, my mouth is watering. It’s a ‘flavor explosion’ that rouses my taste buds to an exaggerated level. I could have kissed the chef if it wasn’t forbidding him,” says Kirsty.

He also tasted white asparagus with edible flowers and artichokes. He said that his tears actually fell and ran down his nose. Kirsty loved Adam’s appetizer.

Spend IDR 2.8 Million Eating at a Michelin Restaurant, This Woman Crying!Kirsty enjoys her meal at a Michelin restaurant. He said the taste of the dish was delicious. Photo: Kirsty Bosley via Mirror UK

For the main course, he enjoyed wild mushrooms which he called a thrilling dish. Likewise with 2 desserts which he said were very worth trying.

Until it was time for her to pay, Kirsty got an extra surprise. He was given free salted caramel chocolate and miso syrup.

Kirsty admitted that she was very satisfied eating at a Michelin restaurant. He didn’t mind paying up to IDR 2.8 million because he thought the experience was worth it.

“Suddenly the menu served didn’t feel like small plates for a high price. The menu at a Michelin restaurant is experience, insight and expertise presented in such a way that I can ‘fly’ if I’m not placed on the restaurant floor,” he wrote. He also admitted that he would return to Michelin restaurant to feel the happiness that is obtained like his dining experience this time.

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