Something’s New at the Sukabumi City Square


The integrated area of ​​Alun-alun and Merdeka Square is getting more beautiful. Now there are culinary ranks and locally made MSME outlets. The food court and MSME outlets are named Titik Champion.

This Champion Point makes the Merdeka Square area more colorful. Visitors who come can enjoy a variety of food offerings with the atmosphere of the city center and Merdeka Square.

There are eight food outlets such as chicken soto cetar, mie leor, pentol, burger bageur and some drinks such as free coffee, happy boba, ice pose Sukabumi and cart abelito. One more kiosk specifically for the West Java Champion UMKM outlet which contains works such as batik, woven bags, chips from leaves and others.

This Champion Point has just been opened and inaugurated by the Mayor of Sukabumi, Achmad Fahmi. He said, Titik Champion became one of the joint efforts to restore the economy of MSMEs after being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is in order for us to recover the economy. The provision of these outlets is a manifestation of how the Sukabumi City government is committed to cooperation with the provincial government and also MSME actors so that it is hoped that the Sukabumi City MSMEs will rise up, be strong and healthy in facing this pandemic,” said Fahmi at the location. , Saturday (5/2/2022).

Champion Point in Sukabumi City Square (Photo: Siti Fatimah/detikcom)

The Coordinator of UMKM Champion in Sukabumi City, Sri Puji Rahayu said, Point Champion will later become the home center for UMKM in Sukabumi City. According to him, with this Champion Point, MSMEs can advance to class and become independent.

He said that before the Champion Point was opened, his party would first make a selection. There are at least 360 MSMEs who are scrambling to become part of the Champion Point.

“There is a selection, first from legality. Every MSME that fills this must have legality such as hygiene, MIB, trade legality, we will curate which one is appropriate,” said Puji.

He said, Titik Champion will help MSMEs to get a market and do marketing to get capital for the continuation of their business. Not only its strategic location, Point Champion also received support from the Sukabumi City Government and the West Java Provincial Government.

Champion Point in Sukabumi City SquareChampion Point in Sukabumi City Square (Photo: Siti Fatimah/detikcom)

“Later on, MSME actors can get conveniences. We provide assistance for them to get legality, for example, or participate in paid training, we help to get free training,” he said.

In the future, this Champion Point will be expanded with various types of leading MSMEs in Sukabumi City, especially traditional culinary.

Interested in visiting? Champion Point is open every day with operating hours from 09.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB. Continue to comply with health protocols by wearing masks and washing hands in the places provided.

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