Sold out! This Ice Cane Sold Over 1,000 Cups a Day at Allo Fest


Melissa from was one of the people who opened tenants at the Allo Bank Festival event at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. This 26-year-old woman brought the sugarcane business.

This drink tenant is one of the most sought after by visitors, and was even able to sell nearly 1,500 cups on the first day of the Allo Bank Festival on Friday (20/5).

Melissa admitted that she was surprised and did not expect her booth to be so crowded with buyers. Moreover, most of the visitors to this festival are mostly young people, millennial to Z generations who, according to him, prefer contemporary drinks.

“Surprised, shocked, yesterday it was really busy. Almost 1,500 cups were sold here. The turnover doesn’t count, because Allo Bank hasn’t closed the book yet,” he told AFP at the Allo Bank Festival, Saturday (21/5/2022).

Regarding the price, his sugarcane drink products are sold at a relatively affordable price, which is only Rp. 15,000.

Melissa said her sugarcane drink was adapted to the tastes of today’s young people. Because, he has mixed special flavors that can not only reach all sugarcane lovers.

“Specially, the sugarcane (drink) in Tebubu can be mixed with lemon, sonkit orange, lime, yakult, aloe vera, and aloe vera. So there are many variations of the menu from the mixture,” he said.

“People usually drink sugar cane only with the original sweet taste. But if it is mixed with lemon, for example, it will have a fresher sweet and sour taste. This became one of the best-selling menus yesterday,” he added.

Melissa said her sugarcane drink has a pure and authentic taste because it doesn’t have a mixture of water or added sugar.

“I myself like to drink sugar cane, so I don’t like it mixed (water or sugar) because it tastes different. Pure is better,” explained Melissa.

Sugarcane Ice Photo: doc. Erika Dyah Fitriani/detikcom

In addition, he revealed that the sugarcane used for his beverage products is supplied directly from Kediri. This district is known as one of the areas that has the potential for sugar cane and has several active sugar cane factories.

“It so happened that my parents lived there, so I asked to send (supply of sugarcane) here. So I took the supply of sugarcane directly from Kediri because I’ve tried the one in and it tastes different,” he said.

Want to try the sweetness of the contemporary sugarcane drink that has many flavors in Tebubu? You can come directly to the Allo Bank Festival which will take place from 20 to 22 May 2022 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

Not only tasting the freshness of this special drink. You can also take part in various other activities that are no less interesting, such as music festivals, food bazaars, photo booths, job fairs, and many more.

The music festival at the Allo Bank Festival was also enlivened by 30 Indonesian and international musicians. Starting from Raisa, BCL, Kahitna, RAN, NCT Dream, Red Velvet, and many others.

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