Social Media Earning and Earning Tips for Beginners

The internet has bridged people from all over the world to communicate and interact. allows users to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in it to work, even make money through social media.

Entrepreneur and Founder of Coffee Meets Stocks, Billy Tanhadi said, the digital space can be utilized and is an opportunity to get work and income through social media. The internet is not only a place to find entertainment, make friends, learn and have opinions. “So the media is also working and productive on social media,” said Billy in Blitar, East Java on Tuesday (5/7).

According to him, being productive on social media is very real today, there are jobs that have the potential to produce. For example, influencers and content creators, online businesses and social media consultants who manage business accounts or other people with content and design.

However, he said, some people are still confused because they can’t create content or don’t know what business they want to do on social media. He also gave advice on how to start. Because skills will appear because someone often does something.

Furthermore, he also provides some tips for starting small steps to be productive on social media. These include choosing the easiest social media, choosing the content you like the most, using ATM techniques (observe, imitate, modify), beginners can also use design applications from Canva to create logos, banners, and content. Then learning to be more expert can also be done from various platforms such as Google and YouTube. (OL-12)

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