Social Media Application Based on Flala Conversation Change Logo To Strengthen Social Interaction

A conversation-based social media APP, Flala changed its logo and updated its avatar on its social media platform. The person in charge of the Flala brand, Lorena said, the update also includes images that already have Intellectual Property Rights (IP), brand-related content (brands), and brand culture.

“The updated icon is an owl IP image which is more figurative than before, the overall color of the Flala owl and the APP name is still using lavender color, the color reflects the noble and fashionable characteristics,” he explained.

The big head and big round eyes make the user feel full of affinity, the tilted head blinks as if highlighting the vitality and excitement, narrowing the distance between them and the user, this is what the Flala platform promotes. Socialize without boundaries and distance.

Flala uses the owl icon as her IP image, the design concept is because owls are the beloved animal of the Goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom. In the eyes of the ancient Greeks, the goddess Athena was revered because it symbolized wisdom.

Owls can also be seen in the best-selling magic novel “Harry Potter”. This animal is the favorite and noblest pet of witches in the wizarding world, the owl is familiar with the language and emotions of its owner, it can send messages to its owner; In the real world, Flala is also diligent in conveying messages between users regarding the most real-time social information.

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In addition, the owl has always been considered a symbol of calm and wisdom in Southeast Asia, even being the mascot of the 27th SEA Games 2013. The owl is also considered a lucky bird in Japan and is an auspicious event of the Nagano Winter Olympics, this animal represents good luck and fortune. happiness.

“The updated logo icon can attract more users’ attention and the owl icon with its head tilted is like greeting the user through the screen,” added Lorena.

He explained, from the designer’s side, the logo design depicts an owl named Flala who likes to chat and play games. Flala also likes to find different friends from all over the world, which is implemented in the application in the form of the Make chat easy, Make new friends feature.

“In the future, this cute and lively purple owl will also fly to more distant countries and regions, bringing social opportunities and genuine social experiences to users all over the world, and becoming the new darling of unlimited social interaction,” concluded Lorena. . (RO/OL-7)

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